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Primalist Added to Weight Calculator (BIS List)

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve went ahead and added Primalist to the Best in Slot / Weight Calculator. No weapons have been dumped by discoveries yet, but that should start to show up over the next few days. I’m also not sure how Trion plans to handle previously discovered items that are dumped and whether they’ll be tagged properly for Primalist or not, but I think I have that covered on my end either way.

Keep in mind – I don’t have any stat weights for Primalist, yet – so don’t take anything you see on that list as actual BIS quite yet. Waiting for the genius’ on the RIFT forums to number crunch and get some together.

Speaking of stat weights – I still need up to date weights for Rogues, Warriors, Clerics and Mages (for basically all roles/viable specs). So if anyone is willing to share some, that would be great. I’ll put your name in the sidebar with a link to your forum post/spreadsheet if you’ve got one.

Finally – these best in slot / stat weight lists should only be used as a general rule of thumb (even when up to date with correct weights).…

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Updating the stat weight/best in slot calculators.


Just a quick little update for those who still visit RiftScene: I updated all pre-existing classes and specs for the proper stats and added the earring slot.

I’m going to be adding Mage tanking and Rogue/Warrior healing over the next day or so, hopefully. Figured I would throw a note here quickly for anyone who still uses the stat weight calculators.

Keep in mind: The preset stat weights are garbage and incorrect. I’d suggest you use your own or take some from the spreadsheets that users have made on the Rift forums. I’ll work on adding some general guideline-type ones once I’ve finished updating the classes. 


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Site Stable & Looking for Contributors.


RIFTScene should be back and stable – it’s all been moved to a shiny new server that can handle the load without an issue. Sorry if you’ve experienced slowness over the past week.

PLEASE comment on this post if you notice anything that isn’t quite right.

On another note – you’ve probably noticed that the news has been.. well.. non existent lately. I’ve been busy with real life doing other things  plus it’s just that time of the year – but I do make sure that the loot stays up to date and that the best in slot always has the latest loot and such. I am looking for people who’d like to contribute or folks who would be interested in writing daily news, pts updates, etc.

If that’s something you may be interested in doing – feel free to shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]. Huge bonus if you have blogging experience and double bonus awesome if you have WordPress experience.

That’s all for now, and hopefully you all have a wonderful holiday and an exciting New Year!…

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Website Stability / Stat Weight Issues

Update: This should be resolved for the time being. Appreciate your patience.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are aware that there are some stability issues with the website and that there are issues with the stat weight calculators.

I’m in the process of allocating a new server to migrate everything to which should hopefully be finished by tomorrow… If you want updates, just check back here – this is where I’ll add them.

My apologies!!…

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Planebreaker Abominus Strategy/Guide

Full credit goes to Ayona of <Addiction>, she wrote up this guide on her own and allowed me to post it verbatim onto here. I did not write this guide nor will I maintain this guide post-nerfs, so if someone wishes to do so…go ahead and do it, although if you have questions I can probably answer them in the comments.

Phase 1 has been completely changed, so this is out of date, but all of the mechanics are still there.

I will be going in depth describing all of the mechanics ranging from the long and tedius first phase all the way to the exciting and intensive grand finale of this amazing encounter. Each mini-boss will have a phase 1 and phase 2 section in this guide, explaining each of their mechanics per phase. Additionally, there will be a seperate section for Planebreaker Abominus’ mechanics as well.

List of Mechanics for Zor’zyx, Tor’krik, and Ix’ior (phase 1 and 2)
Lithic Ablation: An uninterruptable spell casted by Zor’zyx. He casts this spell in both phase 1 and phase 2.…

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RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #5 12/4/13 NA @ 8AM PST || 12/5/13 EU @ 2AM GMT
RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #5 12/4/13 


Intrepid: Drowned Halls Sliver
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our fourth feature is the Intrepid: Drowned Halls Sliver, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

* Most items from Mech Week are now Bind on Account instead of Bind on Pickup.
* Players who were previously unable to submit in-game petitions should now be able to do so again.
* You can no longer get around the “Unique” flag on an item by buying it from the front page of the Store.
* Vaults of Planarite and other planarite vouchers are now account bound. Thanks [email protected]!
* Updated the tooltip text on the Transfiguration Bauble to clarify that the item consumed in the process. Thank you, [email protected]
* The “G0tt4 C4tch Th3m 4ll” achievement has been moved to the Legacy category.

* New Patron Perk: Patron Artifact Tracking: A 30 minute buff that shows artifacts on the minimap.

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RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #4 11/26/13 8 AM PST || 11/27/13 EU @ 2AM GMT
R1FT 2.5: |-|0TF1X #4 11/26/13 


Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our third one is the Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

Mount Up For Mech Week!
To celebrate Mech Week, there is a new world event and daily for players to complete. Get your first Vault by heading to one of the three main cities!

Fall Styles Still In: Until Next Week!
The sales prices for Fashion Week may be over on Wednesday, but you’ll be able to buy the costume gear and dyes until the end of Mech Week next Tuesday– make it work!

* The item upgrade window will no longer sometimes display a white item with incorrect stats.
* Work done on alleviating the 4AM PST login problems.

* Dimension items that come from world events have been moved to their own section of the Store.

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RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #3 11/20/13 10AM PDT || 11/21/13 EU @ 1AM GMT
RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #3 11/20/13 


Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our second one is the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

Welcome to Fashion Week!
It’s Fashion Week! Winning costumes from RIFTScene’s “Dress the Night Away” are now available in the store. Plus, ALL costumes and dyes for 25% off through next Wednesday, 11/27!

* Getting to Storm legion zones at level 48 is now easier! Speak to the Lycini Ambassador in Sanctum or Meridian to travel to Dusken, Pelladane, or Tempest Bay.
* Instant Adventure groups will now only be assigned to complete a zone event if their adventure group size is at least 15 players.
* A mini world event and a new daily quest is available in each city to help celebrate Fashion Week!
* A number of achievements related to the Sinister Presence are now correctly categorized.

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Dress The Night Away: Results!

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their amazing submissions. Narrowing the hundreds and hundreds of creative entries down to ten was no easy task. Congratulations to all of the finalists.

Turns out that Trion loved the top three finalists so much that they have decided to sell all three wardrobes in the Rift Store instead of just the first place finisher! The first place wardrobe will be featured and all three will be available under “Premium Costumes.”

As announced during Trion’s Live Stream on Friday, here are the winners of the costume contest!

First Place

"The Raven" by Exrou on Faeblight

Exrou won:

  • 15,000 Rift Store Credits

  • All the Halloween Masks

  • The Reaper Mount

  • "The Fashionable" title

This wardrobe will be in the Rift Store shortly, being sold under Exrou's name! Look for it in the coming weeks.

Second Place

"Sir Snuffles Von Werecorgi" by Boase on Greybriar

Boase won:

  • 10,000 Rift Credits

  • All of the Halloween masks

  • The Reaper Mount

  • "The Fashionable" title

This wardrobe will be in the Rift Store shortly, being sold under Boase's name!

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November 15th Trion Livestream Time Change

Due to the amount of activity on tomorrow caused by the PS4 launch, the Rift Livestream has been moved to 11:30 AM PST instead of the originally scheduled 1:30 PM. So if you’re planning on tuning in to see the results of the Dress The Night Away contest (who’s excited? I’m excited) or just to see what Trion has up their sleeve this week, make sure you show up at 11:30 AM instead of the regular time.…

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