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Prepare for Shard Unification on October 23rd

The affected Shards, and which will be merged into which, is detailed here, if you have characters on any of these shards you will want to read this info and take steps to prepare for October 23rd. Read on to find out what you should be aware of and the things you’ll need to do before the Shard Unification on October 23rd.

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Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – PTS Testing Oct.18th

Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – Testing this Friday October 18th

Come join Trion’s Devs and players on the PTS as they observe battle ensuing within the newly created Conquest map Steppes of Infinity this Friday, October 18th. Announced by Daglar on the RIFT Dev forums it will be happening at 2:30 PM PST and those that come out and participate will be granted the exlusive title “Savage Tester”. On top of that, if it weren’t enough, testing players will be receiving an unspecified amount of loyalty for their efforts as long as they are beyond the minimum loyalty threshold. The participants will also automatically be entered in a draw to win a choice out of a few premium exclusive mounts including a Ruby Ki-Rin or any Hellbug mount they want.…

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New Conquest: Steppes of Infinity – Daglar Posts Details

Details on Conquest: Steppes of Infinity

Daglar has posted some details outlining how the new Conquest: Steppes of Infinity map will work and how each team gains points by using charges on on the extractors between Fort Brevo and Fort Antapo. The end of the match will see a familiar slaughter of Foci and possible Boss spawn. It should be available on the PTS starting tomorrow and may have other aspects introduced as well as it is developed.

 Originally Posted by Daglar

Shooting for a release some time during 2.5 (but likely not at the initial launch). I’ve pushed the rough draft for this up onto the test branch, that means it will likely be available on Thursday. Objectives in the rough draft: Take charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo (and the reverse) to score points for your team. You must use the charges on one of multiple extractors (non attackable) to gain points – this can be interrupted. This is the only current scoring mechanism, though others may be added as it is iterated on.

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2.4 RIFT Client Improvements

Developing RIFT’s client performance to achieve the best in game quality a player can get is always a top priority for the developers at Trion, in 2.4 they’ve made the most changes on the back end of the game seen since launch. Chris “Aahz” Swiedler, Trion’s Engineering Development Director, has a detailed post on RIFT’s Community page outlining the basics of how the game works on the backend, improvements that have been made, and the increase in performance numbers seen by all players, whether on a beast of a machine or a more basic computer.…

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Daglar on PVP’s Future: 5v5 and Other Improvements

Communication about PVP conditions and changes between TRION and PVP Players, over the last while especially, has been greatly encouraged and the creators at TRION want to build the PVP system so that everyone will enjoy it and want to do more. Some hopes and dreams for where PVP content may go in the future from Daglar’s perspective have surfaced on the RIFT Forums. Some ideas of his include 5v5 Deathmatches and unique player portraits for targets while in a match. A feature talked about but not seen yet is PVP Dimensions, heavily supported by the PVP community as something that would be fun and involving. …

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