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Dream Dimensions 101 – Valzen @Greybriar

Santa’s House.
Legion of Carnage Guild

Cottage Connoisseur & Christmas.
So busy  as I fumble with sleep patterns still after Extra Life  excited to say hi as Telara prepares  for the festive season ahead and who better to lead us their but Valzen a returned veteran Dimensioneer who loves to color her life and ours  in rich, sweet yet humble creations.

Finer Details.
Valzen  is an artist with an natural eye for beauty whose home life is her favorite pallet to draw from and place in each Dimension she builds. Her decadent touch has a simplicity and strategy that is truly masterful especially in lighting and contrasting color.  Stepping into each Cottage is like being wrapped in a warm shawl on a cold evening and so in this video we visit three of them, her Kestrals Cry Ravine “Santa’s House” making me feel like I was in a Telarian sized snow globe the amount of care and thought given a whimsical feast.

Gifted Creations.
This really is the perfect window of opportunity to roll out the red carpet into the festive season preparing for celebration and comfort and if you are not aware of the competition I refer to on the Rift Official forums please check:

Cozy Cottages Contest

Dream Dimensions 101- coming to an Axis near you!

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Nathra@Threesprings


Six Flags Over Moonshade
High Life Guild

What a  fun packed journey we had running around Threesprings and dipping over to Wolfsbane for this seasonal  session of DD101 as we wave good bye to Summer – Dimension styles.

Nostalgic Wonder
Is evident from the moment you step into Nathra’s world she created in Moonshade blending a North American amusement park icon and her own favorite games she enjoyed growing up  with. Her use of color and love of it is also a major highlight but what I love the most in amongst the obvious technicalities and all the games I love is how she has taken new items to create fun characters that we all know or that are uniquely her own. So cute, so simple but would you have thought of it?


Generous Inspiration
Abounds and you will run around and go back and forward to hunt for treasure once you discover it and then some more as you keep finding it, so it is perfect and not surprising once you meet Nathra that she also immediately offered this competition with the theme: Summertime the day 6 Flags over Moonshade was featured as part of the TrionWorlds Friday  Livestream Threesprings Dimension competition winners tribute.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Thag & Alfiexx @Blightweald

Thag Level 60 Warrior
Dimension: Into the Pit

Alfiexx Level 60 Mage
Dimension: The Footie Stadium

Legit Guild
Official Guild Website

I am so excited for 2.4, like a kid at Christmas knowing that PvE  and PvP is about to get spoiled with new content and ranks so thankful I’ll get a chance to enjoy a lot of it before Dimensions get pampered in 2.5.

To celebrate September 18th when 2.4 goes live I thought it would be great to share how pioneering endgame raiders dream up Dimensions.

Touch of Contemplation
I was both delighted and amazed at how much detail Thag shares in his Central Necropolis sliver mainly built at the beginning of Storm Legion. His tribute to the Death element is not only highlighted but thoughtfully extended onto his character and vice versa.  There is a sense of anticipation here, a stirring. Sitting high on his throne you can tell is a great place to theory craft after long encounters that still need tweaking.

Vivid Observation
Alfie on the other hand was the complete opposite in theme with the same meticulous approach to design. …

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Shiba/Azule@Laethys

Azule – Ninja [email protected]
Melting Pot Guild

Bending Metal
This Dream Dimensions 101 is jam packed with adventure, memories and skill as I catch with an old friend who has always done Dimensions to the extreme and we feature his favourite Dimension shape & item – the humble pole. Now when I say humble there is nothing less or smaller about anything Azule does as he takes this shape to build beyond all expectations. I was there when toolbox was new and he easily mastered it continuing all these months later to light the grid of my old stomping ground shard of Laethys.

Friendships Built on Dimensions
The other delight about catching up with this Dream Dimensioneer who makes awesome a reality is hanging out with him was like a timeline, reminiscing  and thinking of the many people who have come into my game, my day and my smile since this Axisxyz journey began for me and that’s what Dimensions do for everybody they become timelines of your Telarian experience. Thanks Shiba (Azule) for being a part of my Rift journey and for building you.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Kaletros@Wolfsbane

Kaletros – House & Dimension Dynamo – Wolfsbane NA
What a whirlwind few weeks its been and what a perfect way to let the dust settle than to immerse ourselves in a Dimension that is a form of traditional housing but done in a modern, incredibly realistic way by Kaletros who is taking Dimensions by storm not only with his housing architecture but his new and exciting inventions that think outside the box while standing in it.

You will find him on Rift Official forums as ejraptor and also on our forums here at Rift Scene where he is generously welcoming any questions for building houses especially.

From Curb to Curve, to Straight Line Appeal.
Kaletros does it all so we take a look at his first Dimension then his second as he continues on a roll wheeling out other Dimensions quite literally BUT  for here and right now I share with you my favorite features within the home on  a small scale for you to see up close and a video to lure you over to cluster two – Wolfsbane – to take a look for yourself and meet this awesome Dimensioneer.…

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Dream Dimensions 101- Grand Master Architect of Arena’s Final Ten

Sponsors of the Grand Master Architect of Arena’s

This Friday is the Grand Finale of what has been a learning, hectic and bigger than I thought experience for me. The multiple reasons I done this competition were met and surpassed from the entries themselves to watching the PvP world gather with the RP world and have fun plus so much more.

Playing the Part
The judging of this contest was something I really enjoyed designing, as 9 dynamic souls in their own rights got to experience Dimensions and share with me what they consider Dimensions to be which was both insightful and refreshing. The “like to win” nature in me wishes all the PvP sector the best with Warfront Dimensions hoping that 1v1 tournaments highlighted in this competition fulfill some of the yearning for more competitive PvP content as the “make the most of what we have” nature in me offered this competition so all could see that there are Dimensioneers and Dimensions worth enjoying or creating. Grinning ear to ear at Dimensioneers who have now also experienced what they could do to host events in their Dimensions as I observe some of you enjoying Warfronts that hadn’t been before this competition.…

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