Lumia vs Dimensions: Round 3

Dimensions posted by Lumia

My third attempt at becoming a dimension pro had a few hiccups, mostly because along with not being a dimension pro, I am not a fraps pro either, which caused me to lose a huge chunk of footage. And because I didn’t want to redo what I had already done, I just moved on, and you guys get to see the less creative/more straightforward portion of this week’s build.

Although I am thoroughly amused at the result of my building project, I think I have officially exhausted the playground concept. I’d appreciate any suggestions on what to do next. Leave your comments below, and let me know what you think, your suggestions, tips, etc.



  • Zylia

    You make me want to have a dimension! Also, Nice fireplace.

  • Zylia

    Make a windmill next? Like a giant one that you can walk through and hang out inside of. Maybe have a reading area in there or something of that sort.

  • Jeannette Howley

    Is this about creating work in Rift Dimensions? or is it about dogs?

    • Lumia

      Dogs. Obviously.

  • Brad Smith

    Canucks? Really? Ugh.

    • Lumia

      I am unimpressed by your anti-Canucks angst. Hating the Canucks is not a new trend. On a side note, I think fans should start hating the Blue Jackets or the Panthers and make them feel like a viable part of the league.

      • Brad Smith

        I live near Columbus and went to a blue jackets game one night proudly wearing my Flyers Jersey. Just so happened that the Flyers were playing ( and yes, yes, at least your team has been there more in the last 10 years than mine :( ) and a jackets fan sits down next to me with his gf, both wearing Jackets jerseys. Guy starts trash talking me (in a friendly fun way) and I just let him keep going and egg him on a bit to keep him going. After 20 minutes he stops, looks around and another 30 Flyers fans had sat down. By the time the puck dropped, him and his gf were the only non-flyers fans in the entire section. (I think out of the 20,000+ seats in the arena, 15-16k of them were Flyers fans). Poor Columbus. Oh, and we just stole their goal tender. :)

        • Lumia

          Awe poor Columbus lol. I heard about the Mason trade. Looks like Bryzgalov will have to step up or step out. And I can say that because we know ALL about goalie issues here in Vancouver.

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