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Dream Dimensions 101 – World First Level 25 Guild

Blood Storm Troopers – Faeblight NA

Congratulations to Fixu@Faeblight and his guild of Blood Storm Troopers who have reached Level 25 also conquering the first Level 25 guild Halls of Shaping inviting in two pioneers of the Dimension Community Baradara and Radish to combine their skills into a story worth 5000 items to share. Guild Dimensions and collaborations are always a challenge and exciting. Being commissioned to do builds adds a high level of inspiration and time frame to work upon that you have to juggle between who you build with and who commissions you. There is so much to take in and when you head into this majestic Dwarven monument  the theme of the Fae taking over laces itself across your vision, not something I as a Dwarf Ambassador enjoyed to be perfectly honest but none the less the theme and how it was applied is breath taking.

Hall of Greeting
Immediately you are greeted by Baradara’s passion for structure and meticulous placement all of the structural work and pattern work being placed in first by her so Radish could then come in and weave her love for stories through out, both Dimensioneers adding personal touches this way as well as the extra delights in Baradara’s enjoyment of lighting and Radishes joy of flora.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Eightynine@Greybriar

Eightynine Threesprings Spectacular – Villa 89
Yaw Pitch & Roll – Personal Guild

The last of an extensive series of multi-dimensional builders. This series began with Patrons and ends with a newly returned Rifter who has fallen Axis over XYZ for Dimensions and who gives us his latest creation in Threesprings Dimension which has yet to be released.

Meticulous Morphing
Eightynine is just your “typical” guy who appreciates being the best at everything he does, his competitiveness evident from day one adding a spark and laugh to the Dimension Community. Delighting in many aspects of Dimensions which we delve into in the video what stood out for me was his blending of the old and new. This surprise of a Villa is definitely a competitive gamers package from Golfing to Defiance, loaded with color, light and artful placement that I would not be surprised the lucky folk over on Greybriar take advantage of and what better way to celebrate this village of fun than with a Golf Club Morph that combines metal poles, green marble poles, tied sacks and a faithful barrel.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Lils@Greybriar

Lils – House on Haunted Hailol

Multi-Dimensional Building
I consider Lils to be – if not THE definitely – a Dimension Master. Her talent is indescribable but seeing her creations says it all. And when I say creations that’s exactly what I mean:

Reborn Destiny Guild Dimension: “Castle of Ash and Ember”
Friend’s Dimension that he had me build -Joearoaress@Greybriar: “Stone Flask Tavern”
Lils@Greybriar: “Crystal Reef Refugium” “The Snow Lotus”
Lils@Greybriar “House on Haunted Hailol””The Temple of Light”
Ahra@Greybriar: “Springing to Life” “Flora Awakened”
Maddori@Greybriar:Dusk Bloom Manor”
Sindoll@Greybriar: “Midnight Carnival”
Lillil@Greybriar: -“Maritime Theater”
Lils@Deepwood-Bright Lights
Lilibit@Shatterbone-“Robots Will KILL!!!”

Morphing Magic with Lils
What makes a Dimension Master in these Kiwi eyes other than building like a Real Estate Dynamo? Lils not only scales techniques to large dimensions but also Morphs ingeniously, landscapes lusciously and changes entire environments sharing one of her favorite Morphs for all of us to play with: The Reaper Brevane window, butter churn, old round table, scythe. human skull, tied sacks x4, wooden poles x2.…

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The Grand Master Architect of Arena’s – Competition

Is your Dream Dimension Arena worthy of a 10k Platinum reward?

Can you mold the World of dimensions into an Arena that shows no bounds or limits? Stretch the imaginations of a conqueror’s mind to a brilliant strategic tactician’s thought process? From hand-to-hand combat, range advantage points, los features, traps, secrets passageways, and more. There is no mountain to high and no water to deep what will you come up with to be deemed The Grand Master Architect of Arena’s.

Are you a quintessential personality of Rift  perfect for our Judging Panel?

To get the best of all the worlds of Telera. I call the best of the best from all Genres of Rift. The Ultimate PvP Destroyer, Achievement Master, Epic Role Player, and PVE Raid Conqueror. If you think you fit any of these descriptions then I am inviting you to come out and be part this Epic competition to judge/share your gifts, point out vantage points, ideas of battles, and overall Judge of what you think would be the best Arena that has been masterfully created with elegance, blood-shed, enjoyment, perhaps mystery and strategy in mind.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Anesthetized General Hospital@ Laethys

Rubeyrose & Hecateria
Anesthetized Guild Dimension

This DD101 session we travel to Laethys NA shard to meet a great team who completed this project the day before I filmed this , this weekend. We talk over each other a little and there’s a little buzzing between Australia, Holland & America but hopefully you enjoy this as much as we did!

Exhausted but happy they are already onto new personal dimensions and during this video we explore not only their build but how it is to work as a team and in a guild dimension with 4000 Capacity.

Simple Techniques

You will marvel at the grandeur and will it takes to create a theme with these two Dimensioneers who build on grand scales enjoying shapes and technique the most so instead of a morph this session we share the small touches that we know every gamer enjoys created out of black marble, granite and backed by limestone tiles new with 2.3.

Thank you Rubey & Heca for letting me show case your skill and beauty and if you have a Dream Dimension you would like Kiwi to come sit with you 101 please email me or get more details right here on Rift Scene forums under the Dimensions section.…

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Dream Dimensions 101 – Amity @Faeblight

Amity -The Light in the Dark
Level 60 Dwarf  Cleric – Tractus Apparatus Guild

I had a blast getting to delight and fall off such an awesome structure to bring you this lengthy but jam packed with information Dream Dimensions 101 session with Dimensioneer Amity over on Faeblight.

Morphing Magic with Amity

Everything you will possibly need to know about this Dimension is in the video which we hope entices you all to take a look as we also share screenshots of two of Amity’s morphs perfect for a Lighthouse feature.

These lamps are a combination of fishing and vendor items Amity informs us off in the video. If you have any further questions about the Dimension, Morphs or Amity herself please pop over to Rift Scene forums where the first of Dimensions competitions there have begun so you can win Dendrome Notoriety Dimension items.

Thank you Amity! /waves at your family that I also know will be checking this out.


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