Dress The Night Away: Results!

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Once again I would like to thank everyone for their amazing submissions. Narrowing the hundreds and hundreds of creative entries down to ten was no easy task. Congratulations to all of the finalists.

Turns out that Trion loved the top three finalists so much that they have decided to sell all three wardrobes in the Rift Store instead of just the first place finisher! The first place wardrobe will be featured and all three will be available under “Premium Costumes.”

As announced during Trion’s Live Stream on Friday, here are the winners of the costume contest!

First Place

"The Raven" by Exrou on Faeblight

Exrou won:

  • 15,000 Rift Store Credits

  • All the Halloween Masks

  • The Reaper Mount

  • "The Fashionable" title

This wardrobe will be in the Rift Store shortly, being sold under Exrou's name! Look for it in the coming weeks.

Second Place

"Sir Snuffles Von Werecorgi" by Boase on Greybriar

Boase won:

  • 10,000 Rift Credits

  • All of the Halloween masks

  • The Reaper Mount

  • "The Fashionable" title

This wardrobe will be in the Rift Store shortly, being sold under Boase's name! Look for it in the coming weeks.

Third Place

"Halloween Flame Knight" by Daemonus on Wolfsbane

Daemonus won:

  • 5,000 Rift Store Credits

  • "The Fashionable" title

This wardrobe will be in the Rift Store shortly, being sold under Daemonus' name! Look for it in the coming weeks.


(listed in alphabetical order)

"Redknob Deathcap Mushroom" by Amity on Faeblight

Amity won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"The Joker" by Belzaa on Greybriar

Belzaa won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"Wonder Woman" by Clarett on Wolfsbane

Clarett won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"Empyreal Bounty Hunter" by Dieseloctane on Wolfsbane

Dieseloctane won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"Captain Kirge the Shady: The Lost Buccaneer" by Kirge on Seastone

Kirge won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"The Green Goblin" by Scoobah on Laethys

Scoobah won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

"The Aviator" by Wynalei on Greybriar

Wynalei won:

  • "The Fashionable" title

  • ivybridge

    talk about bland, half of the best 10 listed here are pre existing sets with the helm changed and diffrent colors

  • Breckin

    Some of these are pretty imaginative, I like the Joker, Green Goblin and Captain Kirge. But #1 is freaking joke, half the damn community was running around in this get up or pretty close variation of it at Halloween. Not sure what I was expecting, but better than that.

  • Jena Valdastri-Staples

    Really not impressed at all. I saw many people i encouraged to apply for this contest wearing much more imaginative costumes…the wonder woman costume is ridiculous hardly any thought or imagination had to go into that. I didn’t realize that all i had to do to win this costume contest was just to put on the same damn thing everyone else is was wearing at Halloween and call it good…

  • Sheyan

    is there any way to find out if u got my submission ?

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      If you clicked the submit wardrobe button and didn’t get any bright red errors – we got your submission. The errors would’ve been very noticeable had you received any – so if you don’t remember any bright red highlighted boxes then we would’ve gotten it for sure :)

  • Ory

    WOW this makes me sad and disappointed…. so not impressed by the 10 final choices…

  • Thor131

    Ya, I saw those who chose these for finalists need to be boiled in oil raped by dolphins and the feed to homeless ppl in a church. JUST PLAINTERRIBLE!!!

  • Kodoi

    Where I can find The Raven costume?

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