RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault/Free 2 Play Compilation

F2P posted by Raanor

Welcome to RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault

If you’d like to have a look at the overall features that were added to RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault, keep reading and get the scoop on all the new content open to everyone for Free. From a new Sliver to the jam packed RIFT Store I know there are many of us Telaran explorer’s and combatant’s that are eager to throw on a new costume or two and Transmog their weapon. Prepare for a new zone, new invasion content including open world Tier 2 Raid boss encounters and massive Strongholds tuned for 70+ players.

Introduction to the Free 2 Play Aspects

Differentiating From Subscribers and Free to Play



Introduction to the Free to Play Aspects

The RIFT Store


Your goto window in RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault, available where you are in Telara via the ( ] ) symbol on your keyboard, is where you will find all the new and currently available items ranging from Services for your character to Gear, World Event items, Crafting Recipes, and Mounts. Almost all items available from vendors scattered across Telara is available to buy with regular in game currencies as well as some which can be purchased with Store Credits. When speaking to specific vendors face to face you will be greeted with this new UI and shown the specific items which they sell.

Rift Store

Sell Grey Items

An extremely useful feature available to all players in the RIFT Store is the ability to sell all your grey items from wherever you can access the Store, so you don’t have to trash items that may get you a little extra coin.

Previewing Items


Want to preview a piece of visible gear or curious what a new mount or companion looks like? Simply click on the bar for the item in question and on the right you will see what your character looks like wearing the item or what the mount/companion appearance is. Before this patch some items were not able to be previewed by the usual method of ctrl+right-clicking them. Underneath the preview image there will be small tooltip icons which tell you what you’re currently previewing.




Will be replacing the current Veteran Rewards system in place as a thank you from TRION for playing the game that is RIFT. Earned through subscribed time and by purchasing or spending, Credits and consuming REX.  There will be five Loyalty levels, with more in the making, within the RIFT Store each containing many items that unlock as your earned Loyalty fills each tier.


Former Subscribers- These players will receive a bonus in Loyalty based on the amount of time that have already been supporting RIFT. Be sure to check out your Loyalty in the Store after Empyreal Assault launches on June 12th to see your awards that are ready for you to enjoy. There are a few other parameters that will effect the bonuses a player will receive on June 12.

Players with an Active 6-Month or 12-Month Sub – on June 12th, will recieve the Ice Raptor Mount.

Storm Chaser Owners – Players that have purchased Storm Legion including a One Year Sub, known as Storm Chaser Edition, will receive the Ice Raptor mount in addition to $50 worth of RIFT Store Credits. This bonus is on top of the bonuses you receive for any previous time paid for RIFT.

Subscriptions Over 12 Months – Active Subs over 12 months as of June 12th will receive an additional $5 worth of RIFT Store Credit for every month past 12 as well as the Ice Raptor Mount.

Loyalty Tiers


Loyalty will have 5 Tiers that are colour coded as Green, Blue, Purpler, Orange, and Red, each of which will have 6 items that you will receive upon filling up each tier of Loyalty. The types of items you receive through Loyalty will range and not leave any type of player in the cold. You’ll be getting customized Portrait frames, Costume items, access to exclusive Dimensions, Mounts and very large Unique Bags.

Green-tierBlue-tierOrange-tierPurple-tier Red-tier



RIFT Exchange (REX) – Currency which can be purchased, by subscribers in ‘good standing’, through the in-game store using real money only. In ‘good standing’ means that you must have an account and have made a purchase with Trion in the past in order to deter them from being purchased by Farmers and other persons whom Trion despises. This new currency allows non-subscribers the opportunity to earn RIFT Store Credits and Loyalty. They can be traded in game, sold on the auction house for Plat, or consumed to earn Loyalty points as well as Store Credits.

The idea behind REX is that Trion would like every player enjoying the game to be capable of enjoying every aspect of the game without being absolutely forced into paying real money. Anyone collecting Plat in game can use it in order to purchase REX on the Auction House and gain Store Credits as well as some Loyalty. The price of REX will be solely up to the seller who purchased the REX to begin with. There will be limits implemented as to the number of REX a player in ‘good standing’ may purchase and availability may change as in game environment develops.

Store Credits – Spending Credits in the RIFT Store for new or currently existing pieces of gear, mounts, companions and other amenities will give you Loyalty points. A slight bonus of Loyalty is granted to players who consume REX currency.

Credit Packages – Starting at $5 these packages available on the Rift Store can be purchased either via Credit Card or through PayPal. Different payment options can be added through the account management website.

Credit packages2

Gifting From Store


Simply put- Gifting an item to another player allows you to purchase an item in the RIFT Store then immediately send the item to a friend or another worthy player. Not every item will be able to be Gifted, those that are will have a button with a picture of present on it. When gifting an item you will be given an opportunity to wrap the gift in order to conceal the contents until opened.


Differentiating Subscribers and Free to Play

Subscribers – AKA Patrons

Patrons, or players that continue to maintain an active subscription to Rift will receive a myriad of benefits. Ranging from such things as a boost to earned currencies by 15% to being given priority when queue times are present while logging in to play in order to give Patrons an edge in game.


Patron Bonuses



For those who do not wish to maintain an active subscription there are Services available within the Store that grant you 3, 15, or 30 Days of Patron status which cost Credits.

Patron Abilities


Patron Bonuses, called Buffs in your abilities UI, shown above will be implemented through self replenishing vials that last for 1 hour a piece and boost Experience, Favor, Notoriety, Prestige, and Token’s earned by 40% (Token Vial does not effect the collection of Frozen Eclipse Stones). Every day you will gain a single new vial of each type until they reach 7, much like how the daily rewards for completing random Dungeons stack to 7.


Patron Summoning


Along with the aforementioned vials you, as a Patron, will also gain abilities to summon your own Bank, Guild Bank, Mailbox, and Trainers for every single class. These will greatly benefit Patrons whom are leveling or even gathering far away from a settlement in game. Simply summon your own Banker and throw your components in to be used when in Tempest Bay or another major city while crafting your gear or other supplies. However, keep in mind these summoning abilities have a cooldown of 1 hour 30 minutes, which is pretty short considering.


Owners of RIFT – Will have access to all 5 bag slots when they start and will continue to have the ability to create up to 6 characters on a server. They will not have access to the Expansion Souls introduced with Storm Legion.

Owners of Storm Legion – Will also have 5 bag slots to utilize as well as the 6 character slots to create Alts, owners will also continue to be able to spend Talent Points in the Expansion Souls introduced.

Free To Play Players


Non-patrons or players that wish to play RIFT without spending any real money will be limited in a few minor ways, considering it will not hinder your ability to play or see content but will have some.

Bag Slots – Number of bag slots available to be used by a Free Player will be 3, down from the 5 that subscribers and RIFT/Storm Legion owners will have.

Character Slots – You will only have access to 1 character slot on each server when you begin to play Free as of June 12th.




The new zone of Dendrome coming live with F2P is locate North of Ashora’s border and will bring some beautiful new landscape and some pretty cool looking areas, in my opinion. Halol is my favourite area so far with it’s pink hue’s it gives me calming feeling running through Halol (A Safe Haven). Navigating Dendrome for the first time my suggestion is to follow the road as I found attempting to cut through or create shortcuts only causes you to double back and find a path to get around a wall or enclosed area. Once you’ve reached Daazez Wastes it’s pretty open terrain and you can move freely without having to worry about getting bogged down.

Open World Raid Bosses

With 2.3 we will see three open world raid bosses, something that we have not seen before in RIFT. They can be found in Dendrome. The bosses are named Ahkane the Eternal, Kaaz’Ra and Senbora the Devourer. They are classed as T2 encounters and as such will require 500 hit and a plethora of allies in order to defeat them.


New and more challenging, compared to their smaller counterparts Footholds, which can be defeated solely. These new invasion elements are designed to be fought with a number of other players, starting from 10 Ascended up to approximately 70 per Stronghold encounter. They will be in the form of multi-tiered fortresses complete with jumping pads, platforms and something brand new to help fighting invasion mobs, NPC allies.


You will be able to purchase summon items, called Flares, from the new Factions vendors which will bring a group of allies to your side for aide while you defeats the powerful new Strongholds.

Chronicle: Queen’s Gambit


A new chronicle featured in Empyreal Assault will be available for players to explore and decimate for the good of Telara. The basic lore of this Chronicle involves the Awakened cult reaping the knowledge of the Architects. You must stop the schemes before Architects overthrow the Awakened and their Mistress Inyra before something far dangerous comes from the actions of the Architects.

New Sliver

Grim Awakening

New raid content is always something players, amateur and veteran alike, crave for and Empyreal Assault does not disappoint. The first of the Tier 2 Raid content, Grim Awakening will be unveiled with the release of 2.3 and offer new encounters that will be enticing and challenging for everyone. The entrance to Grim Awakening is located at 4550, 8620 in the zone Kingsward. Since this is a Tier 2 encounter your character will require 520 Hit or 500 Toughness in order to be capable of doing the bosses within. Basically you will absolutely need Raid gear pieces in every slot in order to reach the threshold and possibilty Hit runes as well.



4 New Factions

The three new Factions introduced with RIFT 2.3: Empyrean Assault are located in the new zone Dendrome, north of the wall in Ashora. With these new Factions comes new trinket items and Companions unlocked once you reach a specified Notoriety level with the Factions.


Empyreal Alliance


New Tier of Notoriety

With the introduction of Rift 2.3: Empyreal Assault the current factions The Lycini and Torvan Hunters will have a new tier of Notoriety called Venerated. To hit this new tier you will need to acquire 90K Notoriety and with it you will unlock new items including improved Lesser Essences.

Improved Essences

Currently available Greater Essences for you Focus will be tweaked with more useful stats in order to encourage the use of these items. In addition these newly revamped essences will able to be used as an upgrade piece to the newly introduced Lesser Essences. When upgraded the essence will become a Relic quality Greater Essences with the stats of the base Lesser Essence combined with the proc of the Greater Essence used to upgrade it. This will be a item strived for by all players level 60+ and will make building your Focus more customizable.

Expanding Roles, Trades, Souls and Characters


Additional Role Slots

Role Slots will be at a maximum of 20 slots, up from the current 6 in which you can build your own talent trees. The additional slots will not be given out for free but available through your specific Trainer from whom you can purchase additional Role slots.

Trade Skill Expansion


The same will go for trade skills; right now on the PTS there is an item, called Trade Skill Extension, with red highlights that states using the item will unlock an addition trade skill slot per character. It is capable of expanding your Trade Skill viability to facilitate one additional Trade. If a player was so inclined to spend the necessary Credits to do so, a meagre 1080, and to avoid having to level an Alt to get that last Trade they’d like to compliment their others.

More Wardrobe Saves


Coming in RIFT 2.3 will be increased storage for all of those new and wonderful costumes available in the Store. Including the ‘No Wardrobe’ slot, you will be able to save up to 20 individual wardrobe slots, these could even serve as a secondary bag for some gear items you’re not going to use but don’t want to sell or shard. Have a vintage Raid set from prior content? Throw your helm, chest, legs, feet and gloves into a saved wardrobe to preserve the aesthetic value. If you don’t want to keep spending the low price of 100 Plat, alternatively 65 Credits, to unlock more wardrobe slots or you want to permanently change the look of a piece of gear rather than use a wardrobe, you can get the Transfiguration Bauble from the Store, talked about a little further on.

Storm Legion Souls

The Souls introduced to RIFT through Storm Legion will not be immediately available to players beginning to play for free after June 12th. There is an item available for purchase on the RIFT Store which will unlock all four of the Storm Legion souls. The item will cost 3150 Credits or roughly $20 in real life monies and once applied will take effect account wide.


Character Slot Expansion

As mentioned earlier in this post players that begin playing for free will only be able to create 1 Character per shard to begin with. For those eager to create some Alts or learn another Class you can purchase Character Slot Extension from the RIFT Store, seen above, for 648 Credits or approx. $5 of real life monies.

Change Race, Sex and Faction.


Race and Sex Change

Changing your character’s race and/or sex is as easy as visiting your local Barber or Stylist and requesting the change which will cost you credit for both.

Faction Change

Implentation of Faction change will be through a purchasable scroll through the RIFT Store via Store Credits.

Item Transmogrify

Costumes and overlays for non-aesthetic pieces of gear has been pretty popular throughout Telara considering some of the atrocious looking armor in the game, which at least is only temporary until you get some nice looking gear. For those lower level or upgraded pieces that do have a certain appeal to you it was easy to keep those items in your wardrobe for looks. However, this has only been applicable towards Helm, Cape, Shoulders, Chest, Legs and Feet, until now. Coming with RIFT 2.3 is the ability to make any weapon look like any other weapon, for the same slot, through Transmogrify. Using a Transfiguration Bauble, available on the RIFT Store, you can select the skin of one weapon, say a 1 handed weapon, and apply it to another 1 handed weapon to transfer the skin. This will add a new customization aspect to our characters that will be fun and creative.



Here is a quick overview of the Transfiguration process: Once you’ve purchased your Transfiguration Bauble, find it in your bags and also have the two items you want to use during these steps next to it. Right-click on the Bauble a Transfigure windows pops up to facilitate you.




Next you’ll drag the weapon, which you want to transfer the appearance of to another, into the top box or APPEARANCE item slot.




The item that you want to actually use and ditch the look of will go into the bottom or WEAPON slot.


transmog3Now hit Transfigure and it will make the item in the WEAPON slot appear to be the clone of the APPEARANCE item.




Now it appears as if I’m dual-wielding a unique equip weapon! Sweet.




Dimension lovers will be pleased to see, when they open their Dimension UI, the ability to have and govern 2 Dimensions! And that’s just to start with, you can buy up to 10 Dimensions for yourself, you know, if you wanted to. Next bit of news is that with this patch you’ll have a new item cap tier which effectively doubles your max item limit for each Dimension!  You builders are going to need all the extra space you can get what with all of the new Dimension items available on the RIFT Store. Don’t worry too much about what type of currency the items will take because they have been confirmed to be available via either Plat or Credits, for the most part. Some other features being introduced into Dimensions are buildings with customizable interiors, something I think a lot of people are going to be happy about. Another thing to be excited about is pre-built modular pieces such as walls, stairs, roofs etc… so you don’t have to spend too much time building them board by board. Not to mention the opportunity to get 4 newly designed Dimensions: Hailol, will be pretty, there is no doubt. Temple of the Abandoned, which will have a rotunda with a jungle theme. Edge of Infinity, welcome to Crucia’s platforms, unlocked within the Purple Tier of Loyalty. Endless Eclipse, speaks for itself, build your structures in Regulos’ domain.



Tell your friends about RIFT it’s so easy to play there’s even a Guest Account which a friend can use on your computer that’s already setup installed with RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault. If they really enjoyed the game, which I don’t see why they wouldn’t, they guest account to easily be converted into a full fledged Free 2 Play account. When they day comes they want to even have more fun and gain access to sweet rewards faster, perhaps they’ll experience what the RIFT Store has to offer everyone. Enjoy Dendrome and all the benefits of this huge patch for RIFT.

  • badtouch

    You forgot about Achiati faciton, there’re 3 new factions, not 2.

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      Sorry about that. Updated! Thanks.

  • SiFfi

    Really great write up. Just wanted to clarify that the Raid bosses are just in Dendrome. They were spawned in Steppes of Infinity for testing on PTS because at that time players did not have access to the new zone.

    • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

      Thanks Dead.. I mean.. SiFfi ;). Will get that fixed up.

  • RIFT

    Great job guys!

    • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

      Get back to work, minion!

  • Yaomi

    Nice write up <3

  • Sunrized

    Little question about the Item Transmogrify, is it one to use ? for example if iI buy one Transfiguration Bauble, I use it, will it stay in my inventory or i should buy an another one for my second weapon? ( sorry, english is not my native language )

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      It is, indeed, only one use.

      • Sunrized

        Ok thanks :)

  • Tony

    Great job on this. I’m at work, so even though I knew most of this, it’s hard not to read it… Excited to get home and try everything haha.

    Is it lame that I’m probably most excited that we can sell all of our grey items from the store UI anywhere…? haha

    • Raanor

      I for one do not think that is lame at all. It’s one of the little things that’s going to be priceless to me when running around killing every mob in sight and having that need to loot every corpse.

  • John Travis

    Another question about Transmogrify: is the “appearance” item destroyed in the process, or do you keep it, so as to be used for other items?

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      You keeps it.

    • Raanor

      No the ‘appearance’ item will remain intact.

    • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

      You retain the original weapon you used to “copy.” The Transfiguration Bauble is the only thing that’s one-time use and doesn’t appear in your bags after that.

  • IonCannon

    Great Job Raanor, you really went all out on it.

    • Raanor

      Thanks! Appreciate the support.

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  • Acilikola

    Hello there, I wanted to ask you a question about Free 2 Play conversion. Last night when I logged in to the game the level restriction of 20 was gone but the Planarite/Favor limit of 500 was still active. When I tried to earn Planarite, I received the message: “Planarite limit reached for current loyalty status”. Is this a bug or is there really this limitation on currencies for free-to-play players. I am fairly new to the game, but I can clearly see that this limitation is pretty serious.

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      This should be fixed right now, actually. If not, tomorrow’s small hotfix (patch) is going to take care of most of the limitations that people are noticing.

      Enjoy the game!

      • Acilikola

        How can you see whether there is an upcoming hotfix/patch — I could not find any information like that :)

  • White

    Knowing that it takes 1,200,000 loyalty points to go to the last loyalty Tier and that each patron month provide 7,000 points I have to spend 171 month = 14 years to reach the last stage, even if I like this game I’m not sure to stay so long…. Hopefully spend credits should go faster.

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