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Planebreaker Abominus Strategy/Guide

Full credit goes to Ayona of <Addiction>, she wrote up this guide on her own and allowed me to post it verbatim onto here. I did not write this guide nor will I maintain this guide post-nerfs, so if someone wishes to do so…go ahead and do it, although if you have questions I can probably answer them in the comments.

Phase 1 has been completely changed, so this is out of date, but all of the mechanics are still there.

I will be going in depth describing all of the mechanics ranging from the long and tedius first phase all the way to the exciting and intensive grand finale of this amazing encounter. Each mini-boss will have a phase 1 and phase 2 section in this guide, explaining each of their mechanics per phase. Additionally, there will be a seperate section for Planebreaker Abominus’ mechanics as well.

List of Mechanics for Zor’zyx, Tor’krik, and Ix’ior (phase 1 and 2)
Lithic Ablation: An uninterruptable spell casted by Zor’zyx. He casts this spell in both phase 1 and phase 2.…

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RIFT 2.4: Beyond Infinity
The mystery of the Dendrome is uncovered and the truth unveiled, that the Hive Queen of the Architects, Inyr’Kta, is scheming a plan to launch an all out attack on the planes themselves! In order to have any hope in defeating this foe it requires the use of the Infinity Gate. Uriel and Kira need the ascended's assistance for the task of conjuring a doorway, against a dire clock, to another Plane where you'll go and find the Plane of Earth and face unthinkable creatures. Inyr'Kta and her Architects are building a colossal force with which they mean to unleash upon the other Planes and it is up to you to unite and seek her out. RIFT 2.4 marks the first mobilization of forces in a new war where explorers and warriors of Telara will face world-breaking creations built specifically for this: Planar War....

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61 Ranger / 12 Assassin / 3 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 Raiding/PVE.

The spec: 61 Ranger / 12 Assassin / 3 Nightblade

This is a high DPS spec and great range spec over 61 Marksman if you do not need the purge or interrupt. It does have its own 10 second interrupt though if absolutely necessary, say for Salvora in Grim Awakening for main or backup interrupts.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Ranger Crystal
T'Scain's Ranger Crystal


#show Shadow Fire
cast Shadow Fire
cast Quick Shot


Twin Shot
Head Shot

This is not a macro. These will be on 2 separate key binds of yours. You can read more about these finishers in the rotation below.

Feral Aggression + Animalism:

#show Animalism
cast Feral Aggression
cast Animalism
cast Twin Shot

You will want to use these pretty much on every cooldown which means when the time is right. For example, do not use it at the start of the fight until Flaring Power is up (usually right away, ask your Mage/Archon). If you are not putting up Flaring Power right away, depending on the fight, then it will be safe to use it of course.…

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Cairn Do Too — Storm Legion Cairns

Cairn Do Too has exactly 28 locations of Storm Legion Cairns that are located in Brevane and Dusken. To view a high-quality map of points of cairns, click on the feature image above. You can utilize the map above to get a general idea of where you need to head out to. However, if you want exact locations, you can reference the list below. Look for the numbered cairn on the HQ map and then match it to the coordinates below.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Storm Legion Summerfest 2013

Summerfest Phase Schedule

Phase 1: Beat the Heat (July 25th – August 7th)

Summer is here and people all across Telara are taking a break from their hard-won battles to enjoy the fine weather, great food, and fantastic fishing that summer always brings.
– Relax and enjoy the weather! Try your hand at a Scavenger Hunt, but make sure you wear your bug repellant.

Phase 2: Lazy Summer (August 7th – 22nd)

The Scavenger hunts continue throughout Telera, while many folks sit back with a frosty beverage and enjoy the sunshine.

With the start of Summerfest also brought out some new goodies for us to earn. If you are a patron, you should try to claim your “Daily Patron Gift,” on a daily basis so you can earn up to 25-50 credits from it! You can also earn anywhere from 50 to 75 credits from the “Weekly Patron Gift.”…

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Dimensions for Dummies Guide

The Kiwi Lands

To officially begin my next chapter of Dream Dimensions in Rift I am pleased to share “Dimensions for Dummies.”  Click for: Dimensions for Dummies PDF Download.

“Dimensions for Dummies” is a twist of Kiwi on a beginners guide for Dimensions specifically created with the announcement of Free to Play. In this guide you are encouraged from day one to achieve not only your leveling objectives but also your Dimension direction as you enjoy Telara.

Dimension Forums

Any questions or inquiries about the “Dimension for Dummies” guide or advanced Dimensioning can be posted on Rift Scene Forums. Click for: Rift Scene Dimension Forums.

You will also find In game chat links, Toolbox tutorials and a segment for your Dimension Competitions and Events. What better way than to begin this day at Rift Scene as the Trion Threesprings competition begins than to continue the theme of  luckiness by giving away spot prizes of fantastic Dimension items simply for posting on Rift Scene Dimension forums?

Dream Dimensions 101

So don’t be shy and come say hi and thank you for all the inquiries.…

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