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61 Warden / 13 Sentinel / 2 Inquisitor – Raid healing
Echoing the soothing ebb and flow of the tides, Wardens specialize in slow healing that escalates over time, making them ideal for prolonged fights that would exhaust most healers.

Warden is a great raid healer for fights where a chloro can't provide enough burst healing for certain mechanics (like Crucia, Goloch, and the current Hardmode encounters).

Click through for the full rundown of the spec and everything you need to know.

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61 Shaman/10 Druid/5 Inquisitor – Raid DPS spec
The Shaman binds the power of the icy north to his very being, wreathing himself in pure elemental force. This power augments a Shaman’s attacks, making him a powerful melee combatant, and provides shields and reactive healing.

Shaman is our best current dps spec for melee friendly fights. It takes some practice to become proficient, but it's worth it.

Click through to read more on the build and what makes it so great.

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Cleric Tanking in Storm Legion (2.2)

In case you hastily clicked on the Cleric tanking thread while looking for the BIS list for gear and lessers, here’s the link that you really want.  Feel free to read the tanking guide when you get done looking at the BIS list.

Cleric Tanking BIS Gear/Lesser List

First thing’s first… Tanking crafted gear.

The following gear are items that you’ll want to have crafted if you plan on tanking.  You can potentially use blue augments if you’re hurting for plat, but since a tank can make/break a raid, I would personally just suck it up and spend the money on the good stuff… it will make your life much easier.  All of the crafted gear for tanking (with  the best augments,) will be used well into tanking the raid encounters.

Crafted Gear:

Tanking Helmet Rugged Reinforced Rhenium Coif

Rugged Reinforced Rhenium Coif
Bind On Equip
Augment: Stellar Rugged Augment
Armor +2957
Intelligence +45
Wisdom +69
Endurance +108
Block +81
Hit Bonus +53
Requires Level: 60
Calling: Warrior,Cleric
Runebreakable (Runebreaking 376)
13 11 16
Due to the strength of the current augments, this helm is better than any expert drop and should not be replaced until you get a raid tanking helm.

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61 Sentinel / 15 Purifier – Expert Tank Healing

Cleric Sentinel Guide – Patch 2.3


With the changes that were made to the souls starting with 1.11, healing has changed quite a bit for Storm Legion Experts at Level 60. Gone are the days of being able to run through experts as a Senticar, Cabicar or Inquisicar. We’re back to our roots: full healing souls! The damage output in experts is quite high and requires vigilant tank healing as well as some raid healing (although not too much.)…

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Introduction to Shaman 1.11 and Beyond

Shaman has seen some large changes, increasing the difficulty of the spec and obliterating the RNG factor of Brutalize. This is a very rough guide, but it contains the necessary framework to pull competent DPS as well as the ideology behind the soul. I am not claiming these to be the best offsouls for the spec, nor the absolute best way to perform the rotation, but neither of these are possible for the long-term without attaining level 60.

The build I am using for the purposes of this guide is 51 Shaman, 5 Inquisitor (points in the Planar Study), and 10 Druid (points in Guiding Hand and Mercurial). If there was a soul tree builder without Defiler but with the new changes was available, I could specify where I put the points in Shaman. However, these are obvious enough.

This guide will be referring 100% to single target DPS. I will not be addressing AOE.

Most of the DPS in Shaman comes from taking advantage of a passive proc gained by using non-physical attacks, called Frostbite.…

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