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Cleric Sentinel Guide – Patch 2.3


With the changes that were made to the souls starting with 1.11, healing has changed quite a bit for Storm Legion Experts at Level 60. Gone are the days of being able to run through experts as a Senticar, Cabicar or Inquisicar. We’re back to our roots: full healing souls! The damage output in experts is quite high and requires vigilant tank healing as well as some raid healing (although not too much.)


I currently heal all dungeons (and PVP) with the fantastic build you will find linked below. Unfortunately, due to the changes that 1.11 added to Rift, AOE healing has been drastically changed. As a result, this healing spec will not produce sustainable AOE healing but do not let that deter you from utilizing this build in dungeons. There are abilities that you can use to close the gap and work out perfectly for what AOE healing that is necessary. The points in 15 Purifier is primarily for the passives you gain like 10% Wisdom, 5% increase to healing done and absorption, and 10% increase to healing done and absorption from single target spells. You also get Healing Flare (instant cast heal), Sign of Wrath (when a target is healed, applies Sign of Wrath for 15s which damages their target when hit) and Wisdom of the Ages.

61 Sentinel / 15 Purifier / 0 Warden

The reason I chose 61 Sentinel is because of the amazing healing output that you have from your Invocations, primarily your main spam heal, Healing Invocation. The other is that the cooldowns available by going Sentinel are extremely powerful.


Faith Rewarded
Healer's Blessing
Marked by the Light
Heroic Resolve – Only used outside of raids as it does not stack with Bard or Archon buffs.
Sign of Wrath – Only used outside of raids for minimal extra damage output, overrides Purifier’s Sign of Faith.
Wisdom of the Ages – Only used outside of raids as it does not stack with Bard or Archon buffs.
Wrathful Exuberance – Applied on your tank
Light of Redemption – Applied on your tank


Healing Flare
Healing Breath
Healing Invocation
Crucial Invocation
Divine Call
Healing Communion
Cleansing Prayer
Empowering Light


Touch the Light
Healer's Covenant
Fullness of Life
Nyol's Hope
Healer's Haste
Renewed Altruism



Your main heal spam in this build will be Healing Invocation . The benefit of this is not only keeping your tank at 100% health as much as you can but ensuring that you pump out some small DPS as every heal you cast on the tank will proc Wrathful Exuberance and Sign of Wrath will be refreshed constantly. It might not be a lot of DPS but it’s at least something!

I do not recommend relying on Subtle Invocation to heal if you are a level 50-60 Cleric. Do not be enticed by the low cast time combined with the GCD. The heal is so meager that it’s not worth it at all. Some argue that the alignment with the GCD allows for more casts which allow for more procs but they do not take into account that it heals for far less than the regular Healing Invocation spam. Do not use this.. ever! 😛


The AOE healing output from this build is very lackluster so the main way to “AOE heal” in Sentinel is actually a really great single target heal: Healing Breath . When spec’d 3/3 into Enraptured Breath, this effect will proc off of a Healing Breath and heal 2 other people near the target of the main heal. It will also proc all of your healing buffs that will top off the party extremely quick! Anyone else leftover to be “AOE healed” can just be topped up using the Healing Flare macro as this will also proc any healing buffs.

However, if Healing Breath is on cooldown and you need to pop another quick AOE heal (perhaps during Valthunder in Exodus of the Storm!), then you can utilize Divine Call or use Touch the Light with Healing Communion .

Alternatively, you can utilize the Symbol of the Torch macro to keep it up on your party so that when raid damage is incoming, they’ll absorb most of it so you won’t have to stop healing your tank to heal your other party members. However, do note that since Hotfix 2.3#16, you cannot Symbol the entire party–I would chose the 1-2 with the lowest HP (or yourself)!


If you have a tank that is taking more damage than usual, this is where the awesome cooldowns will come into play. You can pop Nyol's Hope with Healer's Haste so that the next five healing spells have 50% increased healing as well as a 30% reduction in cast time. However, if it’s not consistent damage but rather one large damage spike, you can use one of the macros I provided earlier that will use Touch the Light and Crucial Invocation . This is great if your tank is above 50% HP and you know you’ll have enough time to get him back up to 100% health.

However, if your tank is below 30%-40% and Touch the Light is on cooldown or you know that casting a heal will not top him up quick enough for the next incoming hit (which could critically hit the tank), you’ll want to utilize the ever-so-amazing Fullness of Life . This will heal the tank for health equal to 100% of your maximum health. So if I’m sitting around 19,170 health, my Fullness of Life will hit the tank for 19,170HP as well as proccing the healing passive buffs. Alternatively, you can also utilize Vigilance in lieu of Fullness of Life . Vigilance will proc a heal (including heal procs from your buffs!) if health drops below 20%. This prevents the tank from any death that would have occurred giving you more than enough time to top him off.

There is also Healer's Covenant that can be utilized as a preventative cooldown if you know your tank is going to take a lot of damage from a certain ability and you want to have 40% of it soaked up for 10 seconds. If you have an undergeared tank that you’re healing but you have to move around for a mechanic, you can always toss this out on him to ensure that once you’re in a safe location, you can continue to heal him or if you know you need to stop healing to cleanse something or top up your party–do not be afraid to utilize your cooldowns!

What happens if all of your abilities are on cooldown? You can utilize Renewed Altruism to reset all of your Sentinel abilities. However, don’t be quick to always reset your abilities–you more than likely won’t always need every cooldown immediately after using it. So I recommend just letting them come off cooldown on their own.


I included a spam macro for Symbol of the Torch as a way to toss out some quick shields before a pull or if you have some downtime during a boss encounter where you don’t need to heal. Preventative damage is very helpful in dungeons. I use this macro the most when I’m in Tower of the Shattered on Overseer Cowel on Expert. There are a lot of adds that spawn and a tank might not be able to get to them all. If I’m not taking any damage, I’ll toss a shield on myself so I can heal up other party members that might have aggro. If I get hit, my shield will absorb that damage so I can spend less time worrying about myself and more about the rest of my party. This will also work in other encounters where you have downtime–just toss out some quick shields.

Best thing to happen to Clerics: An insanely awesome low GCD cleanses! The spam macro I included does not require you to target or mouseover any individual. It will go through each individual that needs to be cleansed, thus the “spam” portion of it. Not only that but each cleanse will heal your target that’s being cleansed. It might not be much but the obligatory something is better than nothing can apply here.

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  • Torena

    Hello “Healing Current” is out?

    • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

      Should be ‘Healing Spray.’

  • Casey

    Is “Torch of Light” still in the game? I cannot find it in my spell book.

    • Casey

      Actually disregard my comment. It was Touch of Light – I was reading it wrong!

  • Bob.

    Shouldn’t “Crucial Invocation” be better than “Healing Invocation”? Especially since Crucial has a 1.5s CT once you have 5/5 “Swift Plea”, it heals faster and can be cast to match with the GCD.

  • Bob.

    Oh, never mind. I just realized how much mana it uses.

  • Bob.

    That’s a good point, I lose about 1% mana per second (on average), in boss fights I would run out, is there something I’m missing?

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