61 Warden / 13 Sentinel / 2 Inquisitor – Raid healing

Cleric Healing posted by Eosmeep

The Build: 61 Warden / 13 Sent / 2 Inquisitor

Echoing the soothing ebb and flow of the tides, Wardens specialize in slow healing that escalates over time, making them ideal for prolonged fights that would exhaust most healers.

Warden is a great raid healer for fights where a Chloromancer can’t provide enough burst healing for certain mechanics.


  • Bosun's Blessing
  • Armor of Devotion
  • Shared Excess – Depending on the fight you’re healing, this will either be cast on yourself or on a tank. If you are all stacked together with your tank who will be at nearly full health for the duration, you can apply it to your tank. If your tank is not stacked or is tanking a fight with a mechanic that reduces max HP (thus no overhealing), then you should apply it to yourself.


Using @mouseoverui in a macro will allow you to cast by mousing over a single frame in your party or raid frames. This

Healing Spray (Casting a HoT on individual players)

Soothing Stream (Casting a HoT on individual players)

Orbs of the Stream

Orbs of the Tide

Wave of Renewal

Cascade (Will only cast Cascade on yourself; Also does require you to target yourself.)

Healing Effusion (Emergency heal if other burst abilities are on cool down. Typically not used in ordinary circumstances.)

River of Life – Battle Rez

Single-target Spam Cleanse

Abilities Overview

Proactive Healing – What you will do to prepare for incoming damage
Healing Spray – A strong single-target HoT. Put this on your shared excess target and/or any other tanks. You should try to main this HoT when assisting with tank healing.

Soothing Stream – Decent single-target HoT that has decreased effectiveness with duration. Not super useful to keep up, however it is helpful for buffering the HP on the current tank if you have no other priorities. With Qil’s Warden Crystal each cast of Soothing Stream will give you a 100SP buff for 15 seconds, so you should try to maintain this throughout your Warden ‘rotation.’ If you find yourself lacking GCDs to refresh Soothing Stream stacks, you can use Monsoon to catch up so long as you won’t need that cooldown for important mechanics in the future.

Healing Flood – Another good preventative raid hot (heal over time). hits 10 targets at a time but isn’t smart target. You usually have to tap this 2-3 times to try and cover the whole raid. Also applies invigorate which will increase healing received from you by 10%! Kind-of a short range, 22 meters.

Monsoon – A good preventative cooldown that will help buffer raid damage for 15 seconds. You should time this for periods of bursts of raid damage that will last 10 seconds or more. One thing I noticed about this is the relatively short range for spreading Soothing Stream stacks and Healing Spray. Your target will need to be within 19 meters of you to get all 3, but can be up to 22 meters for Healing Flood. Best used when the raid is relatively stacked for this reason. Monsoon’s Stream Stream stack application will not proc or refresh your Qil’s Warden Crystal 2pc set bonus.

Ripple – Will spread your HoTs (Soothing Stream and Healing Spray) from your current target to 5 more targets. You can use this right after a Monsoon to get hots on 15 people in a raid setting (I think this is smart target), or you can use it separately if the raid is stacked and you want to help buffer some incoming AOE damage. This has 6 meter range off of your target.

Orbs of the Stream – Tank Heal – Use this to help out your tank healers or save a raid member from damage that might kill them.

Orbs of the Tide – Raid Heal – Has a limited radius. Use this before expected raid damage to help buffer the raid HP (like Crucia’s Orbital Strike–cast this on the current tank for them to proc.)

Geyser – The DPS ability you’ll use the most while you learn how to sufficiently utilize Warden. Start putting up dots to maximize DPS after you’re more comfortable with the other aspects of Warden. It is important to keep up 5 stacks of Dangers of the Deep when at all possible–each Geyser will also reduce the cooldown of your Tidal Surge .

Healing Cataract – 2 second AOE casted heal that is similar to Healing Effusion but uses much less mana. Because of this cast time it’s important to try and time it to go off with a mechanic. If you try to use it re-actively, you’ll end up too late because a Chloromancer will already have healed through most of the damage damage or the people you were supposed to be healing would have already died. 37 meter range, farther than all abilities except Wave of Renewal.

Reactive Healing – Quickly recovering from nasty damage so raid members don’t die

Pool of Restoration – It’s either an awesome or a terrible (usually awesome!) reactive heal due to its coding. It’s supposed to smart target those at the lowest health but sometimes it doesn’t seem to pick the best individuals. Uses less mana than Healing Effusion. Can pick a tank back up if they’re low and the raid is close to full health. Best used when raid is stacked together.

Healing Effusion – In the macro listed earlier, it works well paired with Tidal Surge for a quick emergency heal as it’s very mana intensive. Should be used only if you have no other cooldowns available.

Overflowing Renewal – A decent tank healing ability which has splash healing to 2 people. Use this if it seems like your tank healers need help for a short period of time and your Orbs of the Stream are on cooldown.

Healing Breath – Single-target heal for quickly topping off someone.

Wave of Renewal – This is essentially a great cooldown that gives a double heal (once when it goes out during our channel and again when the effect comes back after the channel is complete). If a large spike of damage hits and you already used Pool of Restoration, use this to quickly heal everyone back up. Wave of Renewal, when timed correctly, can be used before it before a mechanic to heal the first tick and again when it is coming back as it will heal the second tick of damage. This can allow you to utilize other abilities to top people off even faster. Since this is a channeled ability, you cannot move during this 3 second cast, so use it wisely. If you know you need to move before the 3 seconds are up, it’s going to interrupt your channel and waste that cooldown. Don’t utilize this ability until you know you can remain stationary to channel the entire duration.

Curative Waters – A 10 person AoE cleanse which cleanses once initially then again after 3 seconds.

Tidal Surge – Increases the next healing, damage or absortion spell by 80%. Keep this separate so you can utilize it in an emergency.

Cascade – Regernates mana equal to 15% of your max mana. Utilize the @self macro so it will only cast on yourself.

Open Water : A channeled Mana regen. Utilize this during downtime in your encounter if your Cacade, pots or Archon’s Mental Flare is on cooldown.

River of Life : Battle rez


These are the abilities you should keep up in preparation for raid damage. You’ll then be able to use your cooldowns more effectivelye to counter large spikes of damage on your raid.

  1. Geyser – 5 Stacks – Keep Dangers of the Deep at 5 stacks to increase your healing done by 3%. Using Geysey will also lower your Tidal Surge’s cooldown through .
  2. Healing Flood x2-3 – This keeps up Invigoration on as many people as possible
  3. Healing Spray – On any active tanks
  4. Soothing Stream x1 – Not necessary to keep 4 stacks on your tanks at all times as the healing effectiveness diminishes over time.
  5. Overflowing Renewal and Orbs of the Stream to help tanks during lulls of raid damage

Other tips

  • I have a lot of macros that use Tidal Surge because damaging spells help to reset its cooldown, so you can use it liberally.
  • Tidal Surge does not boost Moonsoon so there is no need to macro these together.
  • Downpour is almost useless now. There were only two situations in the current tier of progression where I ever used it. If you’re just learning warden I wouldn’t worry about it.
  • Get to know the boss casts and mechanics. Most damage goes off after a channel or a cast, so you can set up your heals to prepare for this damage. Being a good Warden is based around getting to know each fight.
  • Know your limits. You’re a Warden not a Chloromancer. It’s not worth wasting large cooldowns on small raid damage that a chloro or other passive aoe heals like healing flood/salvation/etc. is going to easily heal through. Like the point above – get to know which cooldowns are worth setting up for specific mechanics and not others. In that downtime, keep up your general preparedness rotation.
  • Don’t rely on Healing Effusion. You’ll be out of mana in less than 10 seconds and you’ll be useless. Beginners should keep it on a rarely used keybind so you don’t get used to spamming it.


Shows countdown when you have 5 stacks of Dangers of the Deep on yourself

Shows countdown of Healing Flood on yourself to remind you to reapply it.

Shows countdown of Soothing Stream x4 stacks on a target (I use this mostly for PVP, but also for tracking full Soothing Stream stacks on a tank)

Tips for dealing with difficult raid healing mechanic

Make sure to keep up 5 stacks of Dangers of the Deep and Healing Flood so you can increase the healing you do to your raid!

Triumph of the Dragon Queen
Tempest of Agony – Pop Monsoon then use Pool of Restoration and Healing Effusion/Healing Cataract until it’s over. Healing Cataract can deal with the timing but if you’re scared about the healing you can use Healing Effusion. Get your mana back with Open Water during healing downtime between these casts. When she casts a second time try to have Soothing Stream and Healing Spray on y our tank so you can use Ripple to spread them to 5 other people. You can also place Orbs of the Tide on a raid member to help buffer incoming damage. Pool of Resoration and Healing Effusion/Healing Cataract will get you through the rest of her cast. You can heal through her Lightning Surge with Pool of Restoration or Healing Effusion.

Frozen Tempest
Frostblood Shards – this sporadic raid damage has a timing that’s well suited to PoR. During the air phase use a monsoon if your raid is stacked to try and assist in the raid damage encountered during this phase. Don’t be afraid to use wave of renewal to get everyone quickly topped off.

HM Gelidra
Various Mechanics – raid damage isn’t severe, but when it goes out you need to get everyone topped off as quickly as possible. Keep your dangers of the deep stacks up. The spread out nature of the raid will not allow healing flood to work effectively. Spamming healing cataract during burst healing downtime is useful because of range issues. I tend to cast monsoon when I’m somewhat clustered up with other people due to winter’s gale (aka red bubbles) otherwise it doesn’t have the range to hit that many and is a waste. Ripple and Orbs of the Tide to the same effect – need a cluster of people in order for it to be useful, has a very short range. Orbs of the Stream and Healing Breath can assist individuals who eat induction or blizzard to try and save them (they will need other healing CDs to fully survive these, though).

Various Mechanics – When she moves into her air phase cast monsoon and ripple to get your hots on 15 people. Start spamming Healing Cataract. Your raid will likely be stacked as they move. You can stay still and still heal if you’re towards the center of the room – healing cataract can hit almost all parts of the room, just watch out for the yellow swirlies. When moving use PoR and Healing Effusion, then back to healing cataract when stationary. At the end of her air phase she’ll do a bunch of damage with ion destruction. I like to quickly heal this up with a well-timed wave of renewal right near the end of her cast. You can also use PoR and Healing Effusion for this until you get the timing down. During her final phase I like to pop monsoon+ripple during her run mechanic to try and keep people who don’t keep running for whatever reason don’t die. PoR is a good thing to cast when someone(s) eats one of the red waves, you may be able to save them. (This strategy works for HM Zaviel too, everything just hits a bit harder and you have to dodge lasers!)

Orbital Strike – during the third phase of Crucia this can make or break a warden. As you move onto the second platform do your best to keep your dangers of the deep stacks at 5 and keep healing flood on everyone. Hopefully you have a purifier to preshield the raid before she starts casting this. As the cast goes off cast monsoon + ripple, then move to PoR and Healing Effusion to get you through the rest of the first cast. You’ll likely have to deal with a second cast of this as well about 45 seconds later. Cast orbs of the tide on the active tank (it will only work if it is cast on the tank), wave of renewal (make sure to let the channel finish!), then PoR and Healing Effusion again.

Endless Eclipse
HM Progenitor
Various Mechanics – there will be a lot of outgoing sporadic raid damage. Try to keep up your dangers of the deep at all times. Due to the spread out nature of the raid healing flood will not be able to hit everyone. If you are stacked in a meteor monsoon is a good choice to help buffer incoming damage. When monsoon is down you can hot yourself or a tank up and then ripple to spread that to other members in the meteor. When soul rupture pops i like to use PoR or if things are getting really hairy because a meteor is also involved, wave of renewal (depending on my distance to the target). Healing cataract is nice to use in burst downtime because of all of the consistent raid damage going out and the range on cataract. Healing Effusion if you’re really desperate, but you’re already going to be crunched for mana on this fight as is.

End of Days – you’re likely stacked with the raid so using monsoon+ripple is a nice buffer then PoR + Healing Effusion to get through the rest of the damage. Wave of Renewal works very well because of the stacked nature of the raid. End of Days hurts harder the longer into the fight you go.

About Eosmeep

College student, cleric, doodler. Enjoys hardcore endgame progression while procrastinating on schoolwork as much as possible. Favorite specs: Warden and Shaman.

  • Cas

    So quick noobish question: Why take Inquisitor when you can grab a bit more wisdom with Purifier?

    • Islandir

      The reason of the 2 points in Inq is for the +4% SP. I have been wondering if it might not be more beneficial to put those 2 points into Benediction (Sentinel) to make it 5/5 and Touch the Light (Sentinel). Those extra 2 points would give +2% heal and +2% absorption from +2points in Sent, +1% heal and +1% absorption from Benediction for a total of +3%heal/+3% absorb plus a o shit button if you suddenly need to cast a spell like Wave of Renewal on raid or Overflowing Renewal to help tank healing (with a low CD of 45secs).
      In addition I would take Purifier as a 0 point Soul for the instant absorb SoT also for a ooops better shield there a bit.
      It would seem to me that those benefits are better than a +4% spell power.

      From my calculations based on a 4000SP Cleric, the 4% SP only gives an additional 8 hps compared to the +3%heal/+3% absorb (and 10hps with 5000SP) which seems small enough that picking up Touch the Light and SoT is a better deal.

      Anyone can comment please.

  • Syd

    Btw Tidal surge does work with monsoon, it is highly worth putting these together in a macro

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