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Pyromancer Guide – 2.3

~ Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments and feedback to me on this website and in-game. I have recently re-wrote this guide for the purposes of the 2.3 hotfixes, making it useful again. This guide itself has reached an absolutely astonishing amount of views and I thank you all so much for that! Stay awesome! [email protected] ~

With the coming of 2.2, Pyromancer was the Mage’s top DPS spec. By managing the procs from Pyromancer’s Aegis, we were able to competitively pull numbers much higher than anyone else with extreme burst and mobility.

Then the 2.3 hotifxes were introduced. The Pyromancer soul took a somewhat nerf such as Flamy Voley’s final tick dealing less damage… but, Pyromancer still plays as our top DPS Ranged spec; many abilities in Pyromancer became worth the time. For example, Fulminate was a significant DPS loss when used as compared to a full duration Internalized Charge – Fulminate was given a reduced Charge cost, now being only 60 Charge. With such a powerful spell now only being such a low cost, AND being able to be affected by Internalize Charge, we can spare the time to rotate Fulminate into our rotation!…

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Mage – 61 Warlock Guide (2.2)

Warlock was an okay spec pre 2.2 – but never really viable compared to other options available. As of right now it is (in my opinion  the most competitive and capable ranged build available to Mages.

First and foremost I’d like to thank Valeryy for posting an extremely comprehensive guide on the rift forums (can be found here). When writing this guide I used Valeryy‘s frequently for referencing as well as took into account the forum thread and other users input. So had it not been for Valeryy‘s initial posting – this may not have been as detailed as it is.

The Build: 61 Warlock / 8 Pyro / 7 Necro

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