61 Chloromancer Guide (2.2)

Mage Healing posted by Qube

General Introduction:

Chloromancer is the mage’s healing tree. They have and likely will always be one of the stronger healers in Rift and also bring a decent amount of utility to the table. It’s the type of class that can be as easy or as hard as you make it out to be. Chloromancers can be a very easy spec to play for those who aren’t looking for a challenge but it can also be a challenging build for those who want to min/max their class.

The Build: 61 Chloro/10 Pyro/5 Harb

Chloromancer is chalk full of abilities – so I’m going to touch on the majority of the key abilities you will use or want to be aware of:

    • Lifegiving Veil – This is the buff you cast on yourself when you want to raid heal.
    • Lifebound Veil – This is your single target (tank healing) buff. Only one veil can be active at a time. This goes hand in hand with the next:
    • Synthesis – This is the target that will be primarily healed by your Lifebound Veil. Keep in mind as soon as you cast  Synthesis it will overwrite LGV (or re-apply Lifebound)
    • Living Aegis – Read the tooltip. Can’t really chloro without that, now could you?
    • Wild Growth – It is what it is. Very small amount of healing – but a solid 10% DPS damage increase if you’re in range of a target. Keep in mind this doesn’t stack with other chloro’s.
    • Void Life – The chloro easy-mode spam. You could basically hit this button over and over and nothing else and get a fairly good return on your effort investment. Typically used as a filler – but I also find it very useful if the tanks are taking a constant stream of predictable damage. A nice constant stream of incoming healing.
    • Vile Spores – Probably (as of now) the most effective bang-for-buck heal-through-damage you have. Heals like crazy and does good amounts of damage.
    • Withering Vine – Easily worth putting up when there’s multiple targets – spreads to up to 3. Still worth the global even if it’s one target, but not necessarily a priority.
    • Ruin – Hard hitting spell, heals for a very large amount considering it’s instant cast. Basically want to use it on CD so long as there’s healing to be done.
    • Nature's Touch – You want to use this whenever you’re at at 5 stacks of Boon of Life . It makes it an instant cast, does lots of healing and hits hard.
    • Nature's Fury – Not worth it for single target – definitely worth it for multi target. Good damage, good healing.
    • Corrosive Spores – Does an initial burst of damage and healing as well as leaves a residue behind that is an AOE. Good amount of healing to be had from this, use on cooldown.
    • Bloom – Good amount of healing – great to toss on the tank if they need a quick heal or any member of the raid who drops down to half health sort of thing.
    • Resurgence – I usually keep this up when I can spare the globals (when there isn’t a ton of damage flying around at this specific moment).
    • Healing Torrent – I probably don’t use this one as much as I should. I usually precast this and resurgence on the tank before they pull the boss initially – but don’t go back to it as often as I should.
    • Natural Healing – Long cast time, only really worth using if there’s zero mobs to attack and there’s healing to be done.
    • Flourish – Your AOE instant cast raid heal. Heals for a good amount – don’t want to use it for anything other than raid/party damage.
    • Essence Surge – Very large heal on a cooldown – great for “Oh Sh!(*” moments.
    • Radiant Spores – Not as good as it once was, but can still do a decent amount of healing over a 7-8 minute fight.



      • Soul Tether – This is your battle res. Use when needed.
      • Entropic Veil – Use this responsibly. It uses your charge, and charge comes fast as a chloro so use it when you can – the only time you don’t want to eat up all of your charge is if you know that you’re going to need to cast  Wild Growth soon, as it requires a certain amount of charge. You want to avoid using both  Wild Growth and  Entropic Veil at the exact same time as your charge may decay faster than the timer on your Wild Growth – as such you may not get the full benefit.
      • Symbiosis – Increases your healing done, want to use it on cooldown when healing is necessary  As you get comfortable healing and learn the fights – you’ll figure out when it’s best to be used.
      • Natural Conversion – You’ll find yourself using this incredibly useful ability during encounters like Crucia where you know a large incoming spell is being cast and the tank is going to need a heal.
      • Cleansing Rush – Learn this well, you will need to use it. AOE Cleanse.
      • Nature's Cleansing – Your single target cleanse.
      • Essence Conversion – If you need mana, use this during down time or between phases.
      • Living Shell – Restores a small amount of mana and also absorbs up to 3k damage.
      • Blight – Removes any healing over time effects. Not very commonly used in PvE – but you never know.


    Holy spells Batman! If this is your first time playing Chloro – remember – you can always start in very small steps. As mentioned above with  Void Life you can essentially spam that and so long as you have your appropriate buffs up – you will do an acceptable amount of healing. What you can then do is slowly work other spells into the mix to increase your healing. Do not get into the habbit of Void Life spam as it can severely reduce your healing and utility throughout an encounter. I’ll go a bit into what I find works best for me in both a tank healing and raid healing situation.

    Tank Healing:

    Obviously you want to have your buffs up and since this is single target – you’re going to want to have  Lifebound Veil with your  Synthesis on the tank. I mentioned it briefly above, but this is one of those situations where Void Life spam can actually increase your usefulness in a raid. It doesn’t do as much healing as, say, Vile Spores – but it does a constant stream of healing. So typically when I’m tank healing this is how I prioritize my spells:

      • Void Life
      • Ruin
      • Corrosive Spores
      • Void Life
      • Should have 5 stacks of Boon of Life by now, so use your instant cast  Nature's Touch
      • Bloom
      • Essence Surge – Only when you have to. I just put it up here so you wouldn’t overlook it somehow.

    That is the generic go-to rotation that I stay fairly close to. That is, of course, assuming there is a constant amount of damage being taken by the tank. You’ll want to use your  Wild Growth when neccessary and  Flourish when needed, using your healing increasing cooldowns like  Entropic Veil and  Symbiosis when they’re available. I personally will also use  Resurgence on the tank or off tank during small moments of downtime just for that extra little bit, but havn’t found it to do a ton of healing over my time using it.

    Sometime’s once I get comfortable with the fight and I am able to easily predict the amount of damage my tanks are taking – I’ll work in the  Vile Spores when I know what’s coming and whatnot. You really will get the feeling for this type of stuff in time when you learn the capabilities of your class and the limitations of your tanks and what type of damage they take from what type of attacks.

    The tank healing method listed above won’t necessarily be the best output in terms of HPS – but with our tank healing comp (usually a Defiler + Puri + Chloro) the constant heals of Void Life are more beneficial over the course of the fight for evening out the tanks damage. Lots of peoples opinion differ with mine – and some people prefer to Vile Spores spam.

    Raid Healing:

    Raid healing is going to require your  Lifegiving Veil . Being a great raid healing chloromancer is much harder than being okay. It really does require an impeccable use and rotation of all of your cooldowns and ensuring you maximize the capabilities of the spells you have available to you. As such – it’s fairly hard to box raid healing into a static rotation, but instead – I’ll give you a basic idea of how I use the spells.

      • Radiant Spores – Use this if no one else is, at least worth having up.
      • Withering Vine – I always have this up, but always try to cast it on a mob that is near other mobs whenever possible.
      • Corrosive Spores – Use on cooldown, and like the above – always try to use it on mobs that are near other mobs to maximize the dot it leaves behind.
      • Vile Spores – You’ll do a crazy amount of raid healing with this spell. Try to time the incoming damage so you don’t waste the cast time + travel time and have it simply go to overhealing.
      • Void Life – Not as powerful as Vile Spores, but still a very respectable steady stream of heals and can be useful when there’s lots of hard hitting incoming damage that lasts for multiple seconds.
      • Flourish – Use this when you see the raid or party drop, on cooldown.
      • Nature's Fury – Whenever there’s multiple mobs near eachother, use this on cooldown.
      • Ruin – Use on Cooldown.

    So the above are basically my go-to spells for raid healing. That said, it does get more complicated as I always like to time my cooldowns and abilities to the fight specifically and how our raid’s cooldowns are being used. ( Flaring Power , etc.).



    I don’t use many macros for this build beyond all of my mouseover macros – however. “The” cleansing macro has stuck with me for quite some time so I’ll provide it here as well. Essnetially it gives you a one button cleanse that will cycle through everyone in the raid one-by-one and cleanse them, or cleanse your mouseover if you have one active and they have a debuff on them. Very useful for individual 2 and 3 type cleanses when your  Cleansing Rush is on Cooldown or will be needed shortly.

    I’m definitely not the be-all end all Chloro – but I have found what I talked about above works generally very well for me. Feel free to leave any comments or questions and we’ll keep this guide up to date as we need to.

    • Scribble

      I think you meant withering vines and not withering spines on your raid healing part. :)

      • Scribble

        I’m sure you also meant Vile spores. Vile sores are bad for the back.

        • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

          Thanks – fixed both.

          • Durka

            Wouldn’t the Lightning charge buff from harbinger be nice to have on? lifebound and lifegiving also restore health for all non-life based attacks for a small amount

    • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.j.robinson Tyler Jared Robinson

      Nothing mentioned about natural splendor. I use it to solo heal rune king and make everybody stack on rune kings ass. And Its great for tank heals with multiple adds. its great for raid healing with multiple adds.

      • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

        Thanks for the heads up. I ignore natural splendor far too much and should try to start using it more myself.

    • Primalthirst

      Few things:
      1) Your build lists 8 Puro, slight typo there I think
      2) Should definitely have 3/3 Burning Fury, point for point it is far more powerful than Ignition
      3) Nature’s Touch is below the GCD with 2 stacks of Boon of Life so is a DPS/HPS gain to use it then. Only save for 5 stacks if you need an instant cast in preparation for an upcoming spike.
      4) Neither Ruin or Corrosive Spores should be used on cooldown. You should use them as often as possible to maximise DPS whilst still ensuring you have them available to deal with movement or damage spikes.
      5) Resurgence isn’t usually worth keeping up since it’s a DPS loss. It should be used to top off raid members or dropped on a tank if you are going to be disconnected or in preparation for something like a boss’ breath attack.
      6) When using Vile Spores it is generally better to alternate it with Radiant Spores/Withering Vine/Corrosive Spores/Ruin/Nature’s Touch to ensure you get as many Vile Spores DoT ticks as possible. Eg Vile Spores > X > Vile Spores > X > Vile Spores > X > etc
      7) Natural Splendour is a fantastic AoE Healing and DPS cooldown. Use it on large packs of enemies such as when multiple adds + Childe are alive on Matriarch or to heal through big damage such as Cursed Blows on Molinar or Orbital Strike on Crucia.

      • Frailaq

        #6 is only a dps gain. Changes to VS make the first tick occur before the next VS hits even while spamming and first tick is the only one that provides heal.

        • Primalthirst

          Yes, that’s true. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Baron Wombat

      As a beginner Chloro this was the most helpful thing I have read. Thank you, great guide that is well written. I have a much better sense of how the pieces work together, it was just not possible by reading the various tooltips. Cheers!

    • Bre

      the build i am currently using is 61 chloro/10 dom/5 harb- what is the benefit of swapping out dom for pyro?

    • Shaolonfeng

      Do you have macros for this build? I need to have things dumbed down becuz im dumb lol

    • Ric

      Doesn’t 3 points in natural Power give you 100 percent push back relief for all your chloro spells? I don’t believe that 3 points in Fiery Concentration is necessary or am I missing something.

      • Kos

        I was actually wondering the exact same thing.. I honestly see no point in those 3 points being used there..

        • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

          That’s because this guide was created prior to the Chloromancer changes from a couple of weeks ago. :) This guide was initially written in February! 😀

      • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

        Yes, you are missing something! This guide was valid prior to the Chloromancer changes made during 2.3. This guide was created during 2.2 :).

    • Antharia

      No need for “Fiery Concentration”, cause we have the talent “Natural Power” which do the same.

    • Heeelp!

      Are there any plans to update this guide? Generally, this is the first place I send new players I encounter in dungeons because of the plethora of information available; however, I feel a little lax in sending mages here since the suggested Chloromancer build, itself, is outdated.

      I’m currently using http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#S8/FkGGiBiAGl4/fgg in most raids because it provides the most healing output. While I use http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#Sf/FkGGiBiAGl4/dggg in dungeons (and some raid encounters) because it provides extended utility like Arresting Presence for zero cooldown interrupts, and an extended silence . . . Not to mention Thunder Blast for boss interrupts when you need to reserve your charge.

      *I’m sorry to use Magelo links, but the Rift Scene soul trees have not been updated yet — e.g., Fresh Graves in your soul builder does not show the 1% to the mage’s SP just the 4% SP increase for your pet and a 1% damage reduction per point spent.

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