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48 Nightblade / 28 Riftstalker

This is my variation of the Nightblade and Riftstalker combination that was wildly popular months ago and is sometimes still used today. I still prefer to use full Assassin, Marksman or Tactician AOE Hybrid for PVP though. But there are times you just want to play something different too so this might just be that for you too.

The build: 48 Nightblade / 28 Riftstalker / 0 Marksman
I chose 0 Marksman to get On The Double rather than 0 Saboteur for Adhesive Bomb. You will get Swift Shot as well with Marksman but I do not use it, doubt you will either.…

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40 Nightblade / 36 Riftstalker “PVP Tank”

The build: 40 Nightblade / 36 Riftstalker / 0 Saboteur

The reason I went with 40 Nightblade instead of 40 Riftstalker is because of Twilight Transcendance, in my opinion, being much better in PVP over Defer Death (40 point ability) in Riftstalker.

This is a great build, possibly as good as it can get, for carrying stones back as a Rogue in Escalation: Whitefall Steppes without dying too quickly and not being able to use our teleports or run speed buffs. That is also another reason why there is not a point or two points into Hasted Time in Riftstalker. If you are looking for a way to get the Storm Thief achievement, this is one way of helping you get it much faster than other ways with or without a pocket healer(s).

This build is similiar to the 48 Nightblade / 28 Riftstalker build but with more endurance and another cooldown to utilize.…

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40 Marksman / 36 Ranger – Hybrid

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.2 Storm Legion and Raiding.

This spec still works, however with updates to Marksman and other specs, you will perform more DPS with those such as 61 Marksman and so forth over this spec. I recommend those over this now.

Link to build: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger
Link to build if you are going to be on Interrupt duty: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger

For the past few weeks I have been constantly testing different hybrid builds, after many many hours of testing I have come to the conclusion that the above spec is the best and top DPS spec you can have for a hybrid. You lose Hasten Call in both of these builds which is not a total loss and a DPS increase as long as things go smooth. You should be able to manage your pet quite well so it does not die (though it could still happen), there are only a few bosses where it might die, has a chance to die or not die often.…

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61 Assassin / 15 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 PVP.

The spec: 61 Assassin / 15 Nightblade

You can change the 0 point to whichever one you want. I typically use Saboteur for Adhesive Bomb or Riftstalker for Shadow Shift then there is also Bladedancer which you get Side Steps.

Alternative specs:

If you choose to try or use these additional specs, there will be a few changes to the macros below. You will lose some abilities but gain others, it really depends on your play style and how you want to play assassin and with what abilities.

Again, this is a PVP build. If you are looking for a PVE build for Assassin you can start with this, 61 Assassin / 10 Marksman / 5 Nightblade or use a Assassin and Nightblade variation.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Assassin Crystal
T'Scain's Assassin Crystal

Additionally you could choose to use either of the Riftstalker crystals for restoring health and/or more endurance.…

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61 Marksman / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.4 Storm Legion and Raiding.

The spec: 61 Marksman / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This is a high DPS spec for raiding (not the highest) but at the same time in a lot of the current raids this will be necessary for Purging or Interrupts and will work out just fine.

This spec will work in PVP as well, it is not tweaked for it but it will do just fine if you do not have enough role slots or just happen to not care what you use.…

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