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41 Warlord / 35 Paladin / 0 Void Knight Guide (PvE Tank Hybrid) – 2.8

The Build: 41 Warlord/ 35 Paladin/ 0 Tempest (or 0 VK, use what you see fit to)

The soul trees and some tooltips on Riftscene are NOT accurate. The point spread IS accurate, just copy it over and you will be running the right build, the tooltips are simply wrong.

This is a hybrid of Warlord and Paladin, resulting in some absolutely ridiculous DPS numbers, with a very noticeable difference in HP and mitigation. Do NOT use this spec unless you are overgeared and have confident healers as you will die, guaranteed. I average about 15k DPS on single target boss fights in expert pugs with this spec without a Warlord crystal, which would only add more. My greatest accomplishment with this spec so far is 18.6k DPS while tanking Goloch, but I could probably break 25k now given the opportunity.

This spec works best with Stormlord’s Flatblade, or more preferably Death’s Final Defeat, or 2x tank 1 handers and the Warlord synergy crystal. It will only work well on fights where you can block a lot of the attacks (ie fights like Matriarch and Regulos it will be useless).…

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61 Warlord Guide (2.2)

The Build(s):  61 Warlord / 15 Paragon / 0 RiftBlade , 61 Warlord / 11 Paragon / 4 Champion

This build is very easy to play, provides tons of survivability, some limited utility, and adequate DPS numbers.  If you are hitting enrage, or you’re trying to earn yourself a raid spot, or keep your raid spot, this is probably not recommended for you.  I play it quite a bit, but I’ve got the gear/niche use for it.  Most people will look at you with a confused look on their virtual face if you play this spec in raid, but it’s worthy of taking a look at.  Now, I’ve been playing and experimenting with Warlord since Infernal Dawn, and always set up my own macros and spec.  There are a couple of guides on the forums about Warlord, so in order to avoid being accused of not giving credit where credit is due, Zvas from Greybriar and Steelwind have also done theorycrafting and some guiding on the forums.…

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61 Riftblade Guide – 2.8
This is easier to play than Paragon and pulls similar numbers. It relies on AP rather than crit and CP. I'd like to give thanks to Steelwind from the forums for writing the initial guide which taught me how to play this spec that lead me to write it for this site. The Build: [rift-build link="218"]61 Riftblade/ 15 Tempest/ 0 Paragon[/rift-build]

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61 Tempest Guide – 2.2
This is the Warrior's ranged DPS spec. It's dps is lower than both Paragon and Riftblade, but is safer due to the range. I'd like to give thanks to Steelwind from the forums for writing the initial guide which taught me how to play this spec that lead me to write it for this site. The Build: [rift-build link="219"]61 Tempest/ 10 Riftblade/ 5 Paragon[/rift-build]

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Warrior – 61 Paragon Guide (2.2)

The Build: 61 Paragon / 10 Riftblade / 5 Tempest

Paragon has evolved with Storm Legion. Single target DPS.


Spells / Key Abilities:


  • Shock Pulse – Ranged builder and used for the application of  Amped .
  • Swift Strike – Main builder, applies  Weapon Familiarity and  Double Jeopardy .
  • Setting Moon

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