61 Riftblade Guide – 2.8

Warrior DPS posted by RoughRaptors

The Build: 61 Riftblade/ 13 Paragon/ 2 Tempest

The soul trees and some tooltips on Riftscene are NOT accurate. The point spread IS accurate, just copy it over and you will be running the right build, the tooltips are simply wrong.

This is easier to play than Paragon, but Paragon parses higher. RB is superior for AOE or heavy mobility fights.

    • Rift Implosion
    • Searing Strike
    • Frost Strike
    • Thunder Strike
    • Rift Strike
    • Rift Spear
    • Flamespear
    • Shock Pulse


    • Fiery Burst
    • Icy Burst
    • Earth Burst
    • Storm Burst
    • Rift Storm


    • Fork
    • Stoneshield
    • Stonespear
    • Windspear
    • Rift Barrage
    • Rift Travel
    • Riftwalk
    • Burst Synergy


    • Avatar of the Rift
    • Blade of the Ascended
    • Way of the River
    • Enhanced Conductivity
    • Turn The Blade








AOE Finish:

ST Rotation:

B1 x 3 -> Finish

Frost Strike ->B2 -> B2 -> Finish

Burst Synergy B2 -> Finish

B2 -> Finish

B2 -> Finish

B2 x3 -> Finish

B2 x3 -> Finish


B1 x3 -> Finish

FS -> B2 -> B2 -> Finish

B2 x3 -> Finish

B2 x3 -> Finish

B2 x3 -> Finish

Repeat (except just use Burst Synergy when it’s back up in 1 minute)

Note: Rift Spear is in a macro because you will use it more than Searing Strike . If you know you are going to be AOEing soon, save it and use Searing Strike until you know it’s about to be used. Then Fork + Rift Spear . Or just keep Rift Spear as a separate button, it doesn’t matter as long as you manage it properly

To put it simply, your goal is to use Rift Strike followed by a Flamespear and then a Rift Implosion whenever your  Rift Strike comes off cooldown. After this block, use  Fiery Burst . Once this is done, always apply a Frost Strike to the target for more DPS. Then you start your more “spammy” block, which is just Searing Strike until you get 3 AP and finish with Icy Burst . Depending on movement and the fight, your abilities may be off-track a bit, what I do and what I recommend doing is just watch for your Rift Strike to be off cooldown, and then start your rotation again.

AOE Rotation: Turn off Turn the Blade

Rift Strike  ->  Thunder Strike -> Thunder Strike -> AOE Finish

Keep Fork toggled (OGCD) -> Flamespear -> Rift Spear ->  Thunder Strike -> Rift Storm

Thunder Strike  x 3 -> Finish



This is my general UI for the rotations listed, it is laid out well in my opinion and the names/order of the buttons simplifies the rotation for me, it might for you as well. The finish macro is bound to a mouse button. I use Searing Strike separate from the macro if I know I’m about to aoe but the mobs are somewhere else.

61 RB


  • http://www.facebook.com/Glenn.vl Glenn Van Laere

    Thx for an awasome guide again.

    Wouln’t be a good warrior without you :)

    • RoughRaptors


  • alechazed

    A nice – and simple – addition would be SP and 1pt IB while running in – sounds like a good idea to grab some free Amped and Enhanced Burst for your first builders and FB. :)

    • RoughRaptors

      Yeah that’s a good idea, I’ll add that in there as that would definitely be an increase. I don’t really DPS much so these guides are somewhat lackluster. I’m primarily a tank and know pretty much everything in that department. Keep up the feedback.

    • Nerva

      You should change to paragon pop Combat Focus, then back to RB. Doing a 3pt Icy attached to a SP on the way in….but I do the rotation a little different so I guess you could attach it to RS as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wmolina Wayne Molina

    Should note in the AE rotation to put up Fork (and Burst Synergy) before you use Flamespear and Rift Spear. I use a slightly different setup (I keep Rift Spear and Searing Strike separately) but overall this is spot on and really fun to use for melee-friendly encounters.

    • RoughRaptors

      Thanks for the addition. Again, I’m not too familiar with DPSing, I’ve just written what I had learned from experience on the very, very little DPS that I have done as we needed some more guides.

      • http://www.facebook.com/wmolina Wayne Molina

        Sorry Rough, I should have explained it more. Use Fork after the first finisher (it lasts for 15 seconds) to make sure it’s up for both Flamespear and Riftspear; you don’t have to use it before each (it has no cooldown). So it should be:

        Rift Strike > Thunder Strike x2 > Finisher
        Burst Synergy (OGCD) > Fork (OGCD) > Flamespear > Rift Spear > Thunder Strike > Finisher

        Sorry about the confusion!

        • RoughRaptors

          Ah…I guess I misunderstood how fork works now. It used to only apply once iirc, meaning it only works for one spear. Now it seems to be a 15s buff, I should read more :-).

          As for burst synergy, why is it beneficial to use it in the second line but not the first? It wouldn’t wear off and I don’t really see a difference. I do appreciate the help though.

          • http://www.facebook.com/wmolina Wayne Molina

            Honestly I don’t know; Steelwind’s guide suggested using it at the start of the second line, and I don’t know enough of the theorycrafting to play around with it myself 😛

          • RoughRaptors

            Neither do I :-P. I just learned it from his guide and wrote what I knew so it wouldn’t be blatant copying.

        • Nerva

          For AE the rotation that I personally use, and think is optimal is….
          RS>Fork+Fsp>TS> (BS) Burst >RSp >TSx2> Bust>TSx3 > Bust> RS> Fork+FSp > TS> RStorm… might have wrote that out wrong lol, muscle memory can be hard to type out sometimes. I personally use Storm Burst/Earth Burst since Storm hits more targets.

  • xenrae

    Great guide. Huge boost in my numbers with this build. What is the AoE builder macro I’m seeing in your UI? Macros are new to me. Thanks for the build, and the input!

    • RoughRaptors

      It’s not an AOE macro. It’s just Thunder Strike with a macro that has Earth/Storm burst in it as a finisher. ‘z’ is bound to Rift Storm.

      • Nerva

        could macro Rift Strike/Thunder Strike. Just makes it easier imo

  • Luceous

    Are attunements pretty straight forward for this? I’m assuming Fire here, maybe Death?

    • RoughRaptors

      I’m actually a full time tank, so I couldn’t really guarantee you the most optimal spread of points for PA, especially considering the fact that it will vary depending on how much PA you actually have.

      Get T1 strength maxed first, then depending on how much you have you can either go for T2 strength or fill out all T1 dex/end as well. I generally go with filling out all of T1 then moving onto T2 then T3. You might be able to leave out dex and just focus on str/endurance if you wish, but survivability is very important.

      So yeah, but the end of it all I’d say just focus on str first then endurance/dex.

  • Borrain

    Always start with shock pulse, Amped gives you a bonus damage to everything you do after that, then flame spear then frost strike. After that then rift strike, rift spear searing strike, and then reapply shock pulse flame spear and frost strike after they wear off.

    • Nerva

      You never would never want to do your first Flamespear, or Fiery Burst without the 25% damage increase from RS.

  • Borrain

    And put burst synergy into the ST finisher macro

  • Lillene

    Is 1-point Icy Burst still worth using? A recent patch notes (I think it was 2 patches ago now) said they’d buffed the 3-point and nerfed 1-point and 2-point Icy / Fiery Burst.

    • RoughRaptors

      If you can maintain the energy then yes, it’s a very slight dps increase. If you don’t have the energy then it doesn’t matter too much, but your rotation will be off ie: you will be using your finisher during your second rotation after flame spear instead of rift implosion. Depending on when and how you use 1 point icy will change the entire rotation, so I suppose I should probably mention that, but there’s no “set in stone” rotation for it.

  • Shilostine

    So now that there has been a change to rift strike now what anything change with this build or rotaion? Just wondering as I been using this for a bit now and like it :)

    • RoughRaptors

      Hm? There was no change to Rift Strike that I am aware of…If you are referring to Rift Spear, the only thing it changes is HM Kain and it just does less damage, but nothing has changed usage/rotation wise.

      • Shilostine

        Yeah got it mixed up. lol but yeah ty good to hear :) also ty for your build guide and macros. I love the build great work. Have a nice day :)

  • Luceous

    I had a question about Expert gear, synergy crystals, and stat weights. I noticed all but one item of Expert gear has crit instead of AP, but at least two pieces with the RB crystal nets the AP bonus. This seems very counter-intuitive to me. Should I go for the gear bonus, or ignore it and keep all my items as AP? Am I missing that if I were to have a full set of Expert gear that I would actually gain more DPS than all the AP crafted gear and dungeon drops I currently have?

    • Luceous

      I answered my own question on this. The answer is go with AP unless the STR gain from the crit item is much higher.

  • Nox

    Can this build be used with a 2 handed weapon?

    • RoughRaptors

      Yes, just use your highest DPS weapons. Two relic 1h’s are better than one relic 2h atm, but I think in 2.3 they are getting buffed.

  • André Filipe

    the tempest can be replaced? how the game is now free, to have the tempest have to buy and I have no such intention.

    • Geopenguin

      Tempest cannot really be replaced. You miss out two much with loss of Amped and Shock Pulse hits very hard. You can buy Rex on the AH and use it to get credits to buy the souls.

  • JonnyBegoodie

    can this be used in pvp? hard time finding pvp builds, this site only has rogue builds for pvp.

    • Geopenguin

      Something I tried in PvP is 12 Warlord/61 RB/3 TEMP. You can still use the same basic macros and rotations. The 12 Warlord gives you block w/o a shield and Defensive Stance. Too bad it doesn’t block magic/elemental.
      You can use this build as is…the survivability is not great without a pocket healer.

  • Nerva

    I know a lot of warriors like to start with RS, it will give you higher dps over a short parse. But, I personally get better dps over a long fight (2mins+) with SP>FS>RS(BS)>FB>FSp>RI>SS(RSp)>IB>SSx3>IB>SS>IB. I can see the point of getting RS buff up asap, and it is one of if not your hardest hitting move. But, in the rotation I posted above, the only non-buffed move is the initial SP. Basically you are applying Amped>Improved Frost Strike> Rift Strike>…then all following moves have all of your buffs. In the rotation you posted your first 3 moves (RS>FSp>RI) are all missing Amped, and RS is missing Frost Strike, if you do a 1pt icy on pull then you would have amped I guess. Just wondering if you have tested the two rotations, or your thoughts on the benefit of the OP rotation. Both have been discussed at length in the original 2.2 RB thread on the forums.

    • RoughRaptors

      No, I do not theorycraft DPS builds, I simply made this guide because it was needed and I knew how to play the spec. The rotation I use is not 100% exact, I just posted a near optimal rotation for simplicity. Once you learn the rotation and the spec it’s pretty easy to figure out minor improvements.

      • Nerva

        Agreed, I do not think you are giving out wrong information. Was just wondering if you had tried the rotation I mentioned. In the end they all equal nearly the same. Obviously after the first time through every buff is up, all dots are going and so on. And the guide is easy to understand and well written. I am sure it has helped more then a few. Was not trying to criticize, sorry if I came across that way.

        • RoughRaptors

          No, you didn’t come across negatively at all. Any information is helpful and appreciated. I just choose to leave some things that might boost dps by very little to avoid being wrong and giving false information. As I said these are slightly more simple guides because no one else was willing to write them.

          If you hop into my VK guide on the other hand…the DPS rotation isn’t so simple and I would argue it’s one of the hardest specs in the game to properly DPS with as a warrior.

  • Screamin

    I’m just curious. You mention that putting 5 into paragon may be more DPS, but didn’t mention if the macros change. Should I be using Rising Waterfall and where would I include it in the macros? Thanks.

    • RoughRaptors

      No, nothing about the spec changes, it’s simply strength vs non-finisher damage which I’m not 100% sure of the numbers on so I included both specs. I know they are similar

    • Geopenguin

      I use RW in my main spam macro. However, I do not use Rough’s and others macros, but am working off of a priority list (using Kalerts to keep certain buffs/debuffs up 100%). Most guides have you start with Rift Strike, but I like to start with Rift Implosion & Shock Pulse while I am ranged and then Frost Strike once in melee for the debuff, then go into a main spam macro (which Rift Strike is the first thing to hit).

      RW will only go off when procced, so you can have it at the top…I like it right below Rift Strike.

      Also, on the AOE routine I start off with the same RI,SP,FS routine and refresh once every 2 to 3 rotations just to make things easier. Besides RI proccing your crystal, Frost Strike will make Thunder Strike hit harder.

      • RoughRaptors

        I haven’t tested the numbers, but RB is all elemental damage based, meaning you gain no damage boosts if you use Rising Waterfall making it a DPS loss to use. I don’t think it procs Elemental Touch either.

        But yes, a higher DPS rotation would be Shock Pulse -> Frost Strike -> Rift Strike, so Rift Strike will get the modifiers of SP and FS, I just don’t mention it because it’s a near negligible DPS gain over the course of an entire encounter.

        • Geopenguin

          NP RR…and actually I never parsed without it…just went from Spreadsheet numbers. I appreciate you helping others…and was just trying to do the same.
          I will do some homework before raid tonight.

          • Geopenguin

            RW was DPS loss (was hoping it was hitting oGCD). I parse about 300-500 higher in 61/10/5 still.

  • CakeyEatHer

    I know you’re a pve guy raptrs. But in your opinion should you not macro anything for pvp? I pve tank on my warrior but want to spec 61rb/15 tempest for pvp but kinda braindead on what Should be macroed for pvp if anything.

    • RoughRaptors

      I honestly wouldn’t consider myself qualified to answer that because I simply don’t PvP anymore and don’t want to give you any wrong answers. If I had to take a guess (which very well might be wrong), it would probably be the exact same as DPS, just use the normal rotation for maximum DPS (if possible) and then shock pulse while out of range, which is a lot (or at least it used to be).

      Take my answer lightly though, you’ll probably find better responses from someone who actually PvPs in this game, sorry :-/

  • Swede

    I am new to warrior (High Elf Warrior) And I don’t have a branch called Tempest, I need some help.

    • RoughRaptors

      You most likely don’t have the Storm Legion soul, which is Tempest. You need to buy it.

  • Dottz

    Just a note, the AOE finisher macro has #show Fiery Burst, when fiery burst isnt in the macro. I assume it should be Earth Burst?

    • RoughRaptors

      Yeah, typo, thanks. Fixed :-)

  • Beanster

    This fixed to match 2.4 where amped is passive?

    • RoughRaptors

      Yep. It says 2.4 in the title :-). Basically just don’t use shock pulse, you gain a Searing Strike is all.

  • noob

    heya RR, one big issue i have with rift as a returning player is mellee is harsh on movement and ground effects, ill often find myself trapped on the wrong side of an aoe due to either boss mechanics, poor tank positioning or just my error, is there a recommeded ranged rotation i could hit up while dealing with this type of situation, (ideally a 1 button spam, while i run around flailing), im not looking for anything fancy.

    • RoughRaptors

      When not in melee use the SP macro and use your finishers as normal.

  • Marshoon

    I noticed this I set for 2.4 but with the 61/10/5 tempest being 5 you lose empower as it requires 8 points in tempest to get it was this a typo

    • RoughRaptors

      Oops, I need to get rid of that, it was part of the 2.3 build. Thanks!

  • Liliri

    this rotation might change with new warrior soul updates that are being tested on the PTS atm. It seems to be that most warrior dps specs will be using 15 warlord as their subsoul.

  • Vercogen

    “Turn the Blade” seems like a huge DPS loss?

    • RoughRaptors

      It’s a slight DPS gain over the old version of RB.

  • mia

    why does this say 2.6? did you just add the current patch to the title, or is it adjusted for the patch?

    • RoughRaptors

      Because it’s adjusted for the patch 😛

  • Joxer

    Alright so im new to RiftBlade and im trying to figure it out from scratch as a fresh 60 who has played all souls but it…

    Could someone please explain to me Why on earth would you want to re apply Flame Spear every 8 or so seconds when you’re trying to apply Rift Implosion?
    Flame spear lasts for 15 seconds? has a 4 sec cd. not 15 sec.
    You’re basically losing half the damage of Flame spear and for what, to get an additional combo point and move on to your finisher without reapplying Rift Implosion?

    I’ve replaced Rift Implosion in macro #1 with Frost strike
    this way you only need to bother with that macro every 15 seconds. use Rift Implosion after every 2nd finisher.

    if im wrong please explain to me why or how… cause i’ve bashed my head against a wall over this. thank you

    • RoughRaptors

      You’re correct, you should only be applying Flamespear every 15 seconds as that’s how long it lasts. The rotation block starts with Rift Strike -> Flamespear -> Rift Implosion and then once you get into the Searing Searing Searing -> Icy rotation, you begin again at Rift Strike…repeat. It should reapply every 15s.

      • Joxer

        what of rift impolsion, i’m under the impression that it is a major part of the soul, why have it in macro #1 if you can’t really apply it through that macro?

        having replaced it in macro #1 with Frost Strike
        applying Rift Implosion on expiration manually rather than within a rotation, thanks to Kalert..
        starting the rotation with Rs > Fs > FrS > F1 > R1 > B1 x2 > Smashing B2 and only reaplying Rs Fs FrS ( B1 ) every 15 sec, manual track of Ri ( Kalert ) applying it while spamming B2

        it’s a dps increase for me.. tho i’m more than certain i’m missing something somewhere somehow

        • RoughRaptors

          You can manually apply Rift Implosion, it’s a DPS increase, just a low one for the effort it takes (I don’t use mods).

          • Joxer

            let me say i’m wearing part SLE part Chronicle Part self crafted tanking gear…
            for me it was about a 2k dps increase. applying frost strike manually was confusing for me, often also ended up completely missing Rift implosion cause i used it with macro #1 instead macro #2… i’m probably overcomplicating it but that’s the route i take to understandn stuff, also tell me please, is it viable to use enable Turn the Blade with this build? on one side it nerfs your rift spear significantly.. then again Rift Strike and Frost Strike could pop your Rift Implosion early not to mention you’d be getting more Searing Strikes off between reapplying them… I’m just curious if you’ve tried it as it is indeed something these souls theoretically allow one to do, any say on that?

          • RoughRaptors

            TTB is fairly similar DPS, I prefer to use it personally. But you are correct, your AOE DPS (riftspear) will be a lot lower.

  • Kurzin

    does this still work? In your little picture of your bar you have a “syn” macro. No where in the guide do you have a “syn” macro for people to use. So far I would put out more dps with a wet noodle than this thing.

    • RoughRaptors

      Oh,,,yeah outdated picture I guess but same model really. The “Syn” thing is just the old implementation of Burst Synergy in which I had macroed to all of my keys (which the text doesn’t show anymore). Right now the guide and layout is essentially what I have now, just with a separate key for Burst Synergy.

  • lynspottery

    This particular guide shows up for a premade in the game, but it seems outdated now. Does anyone have any updated information on it?

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