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Foraging: A Gathering Tradeskill

Foraging allows you to gather plants and wood throughout Telara which is particularly useful for those becoming learned in the Apothecary tradeskill, but it can also assist Weaponcrafters and Artificers who use wood to craft an assortment of items. The first trainer you come across is at 6575, 4600 named Olthin Idren, by the shacks at Kelari Refuge south-east of where you appear after you travel back in time. Open your map and use your mouse to find the coordinates, although around level 10, the quests you have to get are in the vicinity, however the map on the right is a screenshot with the coordinates.

Plants and wood can be found in fields, forested areas and hilly areas, almost anywhere across Telara, the best place for wood though is at the base of trees or along the coast. No tools are needed in order to utilize the Foraging skill however, as with other gathering tradeskills, they do have level requirements which if you don’t meet then the name of the plant or wood will be in red.…

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Butchering: A Gathering Tradeskill

Butchering is a gathering skill that grants you the ability to skin creatures that will yield hide, bones or teeth to be sold for or used by Crafting Tradeskills. Outfitters are able to use the leather for cloth and leather armor pieces and Artificers will use the leather to make off-hand books and other equipment. Teeth and bones are needed for Artificers to manufacture Totems and other magical paraphernalia.

The first trainer you can pick up this skill from is located at approximately 6580, 4605 and his name is Zenre Palux at the Kelari Refuge, just south-east of where you come out of time travelling. If you are having difficulty finding him, use the map on the right as a guide. Beasts that can be skinned will have a Butcher level requirement that you will have to meet in order to skin them successfully.  As you’re killing random things don’t forget to skin what you can, and remember that you can successfully skin creatures that have a requirement of 50 above your current level in Butchering.…

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Mining: A Gathering Tradeskill

The Mining trainer you first come across is located at 6590, 4600. named Thos Nishim, use your map and mouse to find these coordinates, located in Kelari Refuge south-east of where you end your time travelling. If you follow the quest lines they will take you to Kelari Refuge around level 10.  If you’re having trouble finding it, use the picture on the right as a guide. Mining enables you to gather minerals, which will contain ore and gems, which are needed by those with the Tradeskills – Armorsmith, Artificer, and Weaponsmith.

Mining lodes, veins and deposits are found primarily around rocky terrain, examples of which are: cliff faces, large boulders and rocks lying around. You are given a pickaxe when you learn the Novice level of Mining and require no additional tools to collect minerals, however you will need to be standing near a Forge in order to smelt raw ore into usable materials. While leveling if you find yourself killing Earth Elementals, Orelings, Golems, Constructs and any other creature based on rocks or metal, they will yield minerals when you Mine them.…

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