Short Circuit Achievement

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“Short Circuit” is a puzzle achievement for the Brevane zone, Ardent Domain. However, unlike puzzles in Mathosia, you have several prerequisites in order to access this puzzle.

Short Circuit
Find and solve the puzzle in Ardent Domain.
  • Get The Static Charged Treasure

Complete “Circuit Diagrams” Artifact Set

You will need to complete the artifact set Circuit Diagrams. Completing this set allows you to unlock the Circuit Diagrams item from Omi, the Mistress of Puzzles vendor. This might be the longest process of it all depending on how active your auction house is. Offhand I cannot remember what zones I had collected the books from otherwise I would offer some spots to find ’em.

Complete “Deep Learning” Achievement

a bar of haircovered soap While you’re working on the artifact set, the next prerequisite is to complete the achievement “Deep Learning“. Completing this achievement will unlock a small quest line that must also be completed. Once you have turned in the final quest (there should be three quests total that you completed just after the achievement), you will see the “Deep Learning” room filled with Devolved Squatters. One Squatter will randomly emote saying “Opps” and you will see “A Devolved Squatter dropped a bar of soap.” written in your chat window. Next to the Squatter that emoted, will be a tiny bar of soap.

It’s not noticeable as it’s the same exact pigment as the tiled floor. However, if you saw the text bubble for the Squatter that emoted, you can look on the ground as he will be the one that dropped the small bar of soap. Collect 9 of the A Bar of Hair Covered Soap, as this is needed for the Mistress of Puzzles vendor.

Short Circuit Puzzle Completion

Circuit Diagram Puzzle in Ardent Domain

After you’ve completed the two prerequisites, you can head out to the Cassana Estate port in Ardent Domain. The puzzle’s location is at 5876, 10707 behind Cassana Estates. Inside the “Circuit Diagrams” book is the following hint on how to complete the puzzle: All five circuits must be connected but don’t cross the streams. There are 10 orbs present, so that means five of them must be matched to their partners. When you activate one color orb, you’ll then be able to select the next node for the path of your circuit. You can either try it out for yourself a few times or immediately use the screenshot as a reference for circuits.

Once you complete the boss and loot the chest, you’ll receive Electrostatic Transmogrifier. This item can be used once every 30 minutes and will transform you into a random OrbYou can also use abilities while in this form but once your character is hit, the transformation will break you out of it.

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