Crucia Guide – Strategy

Frozen Tempest posted by Qube

General Introduction:

Crucia is the final boss in Frozen Tempest. It’s essentially a 3 phase fight, with the final phase contaning 3 different sections. It will test almost all aspects of your raid. It requires a fair amount of DPS, very solid healing and great raid awareness with a strong sense of personal responsibility.

It’s a very mechanic filled fight – so I’d recommend going through each phase one step at a time rather than trying to absorb all of the information at once.

Raid Make Up:

    • 2 Tanks
    • 5-6 Healers (Defiler, Puri, two chloros, warden and possibly another healer of your choice)
    • 2 Support
    • 10-11 DPS

Note: If you have issues getting through orbital strike, you can always add an extra healer as since post-nerf the enrage timer won’t be an issue. That said – less DPS will make the sub-30% phase of the fight last that much longer and that’s where most raids tend to fall apart on this fight.

Phase 1: Assault Frames


    • Combined Assault – if the two Assault Frames are near eachother – they get a damage buff called Combined Assault. As such they need to be tanked apart.
    • Tempest Wrath – A random debuff cast on a player. During this time the player will turn into a Vortex (like the Gangnum) and do AOE damage to the surround players. When this is on you, simply run away from the raid.
    • Shocking Pulse – needs to be be interrupted by the tanks. Does large amounts of AOE to the raid.


The strategy is fairly basic for this particular phase. We pull one Assault Frame to the left and one Assault Frame to the right. We start off by killing the Assault Frame – we’ll call this the ‘first’ one. Everyone starts DPS’ing down the first Assault Frame and as you reach 66% it will get a shield that makes it immune. Leave the second Assault Frame alone as you can’t have that one reach 66% and have two shields pop up at the same time.

This is where the Refactored Constructs come into play: They don’t do much damage but they do lay down an AOE that reduces the tanks toughness to 0 and as such the tanks can’t be near them. Also, it’s important to keep them alive throughout the fight until you need to kill them to clear off the immunity from the Assault Frame.  Once the shield of immunity comes up on the first Assault Frame – dps down two of the Refactored Constructs and it will remove the immunity from the first Assault Frame. Then continue DPS’ing the Assault Frame until 33% and then do the same thing – kill two of the Refactored Constructs. DPS the first Assault Frame to dead, and all DPS can switch to the second Assault Frame.

When the first Assault Frame dies – a player needs to get into it. This is extremely key to the fight as this person can make or break it for your entire raid. When the player gets into the Assault Frame they have to ensure they’re using default Rift Action Bar as their primary Action Bar will change to new abilities:


1. Drain – 2. Cleanse – 3. Purge – 4. Suppress – 5 Jump – 6 Interrupt

The person who jumps into the Assault Frame  now has the following responsibilities:

    • In between all actions Crucia should constantly be drained using ability 1 (Drain). The Archon can help when/if required with Mana Wrench .
    • They can cleanse the immunity debuff from the second Assault Frame using 3 (purge).
    • When a player is negated – they can cleanse the negation using 2 (cleanse).
    • You’ll see Crucia Emote: “The air trembles before me! A Storm is born!” This is infinity storm. The Assault Frame player must jump (5) while having Crucia targeted and interrupt it with ability 6 (interrupt). The timing has to be fairly spot on otherwise the levitate may bug and not fly you high enough, or you may miss the interrupt.
    • In Phase 2 when Stormcore Annihilator comes out – the Assault Frame player is responsible for Suppressing the bomb with suppress (2).


So you’ll have your Assault Frame player clear off the shields and then kill the Assault Frame easily enough. Now comes phase 2 – but ensure no one is standing in the middle of the room or they will get owned by Stormcore Annhiilator :)

Phase 2: Stormcore Annihilator

This robot is very similar to Assault Frames with some key new mechanics added to the fight:

    • Infinity StormCrucia emotes: “The air trembles before me! A Storm is born!”. The Assault Frame player must be aware and ready to interrupt this as mentioned above.
    • Players get negated which removes their mana/energy/etc and will not let them generate more until the debuff wears off or until it is cleansed by the Assualt Frame.
    • A bomb is summoned. It can not be killed and will detonate in 20 seconds from the time it’s summon. It seems to follow a random player – but if your tank is on the ball he can touch it first and it usually will follow him.
    • As soon as the bomb comes out (actually slightly before it) you’ll see a section of the room start pulsing red – this is where the cannon is going to be summon to. Everyone has to be ready for this to be summoned since it’s the key to getting the bomb destroyed and the raid not wiping. The cannon can easily be interrupted using an Archon’s Arresting Presence  – or you cna have a rotation on it – but you really should use Arresting Presence . When the cannon dies – so long as the bomb is near it, it will defuse and you’ll continue on.
    • Tanks will get a debuff from Stormcore Annihilator called “Conductive Armor” – this is the tank swap mechanic.

You can probably get the majority of the strategy from the details above – but it’s fairly basic so I’ll reiterate it here:

Stormcore Annihilator is tanked in the center of the room. If you’re targeted by Devastated Shock – you want to run away from the raid as you’ll drop a yellow circle on the ground that ticks for a lot of damage. The Assault Frame player still needs to be aware and cleanse the immunity from Stormcore Annihilator at 66% and 33%. The Asssault Frame player also needs to punch Crucia in the face when it’s required, cleanse negated folks as well as suppress the bomb when it starts otherwise it hits like a truck with AOE.

A red pulsing light will happen where a Cannon is about to spawn – all players should run there and ensure the bomb is nearby – it gets burned down, the bomb is defused. If your DPS is high – you’ll only have one bomb phase, otherwise you should never really see more than two.

This phase shouldn’t take you too long to learn – let’s move on to phase 3.

Phase 3: Crucia

Part 1: Orbital Strike / Transition Phase.

You’re going to all stand at the bridge and run together – you only have a certain amount of time to get to Crucia before the bridge despawns so leave no man behind! Keep in mind the enrage timer (not very relevant post-nerf) is ticking during this time so try not to doddle.

You’ll all run up together and the tank should get in first. Crucia will spawn and the tank should pick her up. No one should touch the damn dragon until the boss is in position. Unless you want her to turn and cleave the raid :)

Crucia has these abilities during this phase:

    • Orbital Strike – Cast every 40 seconds. Two orbs spawn on the platform – one of them which is going around the outer circle and one is going on the inside circle. The raid must stand stacked behidn crucia on the outer platform since the orbit of the outer circle takes much longer and therefor less ticks of damage to the raid. This is your raids HPS check – it ticks about 5.6 -6 k per player and requires a massive amount of raid healing and excellent timing of cooldowns to survive.
    • Lightning Breath – 20K damage per tick, for 3 seconds – every 15 seconds. Really messed up the tanks if they’re not being constantly healed.
    • Conductive Armor – Tank swap mechanism. Every 30 seconds and swap must happen within the first 2-3 seconds of this debuff being cast on them.
    • Negate – same negate as the previous phase, the assault frame needs to be on the ball

The strategy is basic in theory – but hard in practice. It requires an immense amount of healing and impeccable use of cooldowns. The tanks swap on Conductive Armor – healers heal through lightning breath (A tank healing chloro with synth should have no issues healing a tank through this with even an unmodified void life so long as the defiler links are up). When Orbital Strike is cast – you rotate in any healing cooldown you can for as much raid healing as possible. Ensure the raid is shielded and ready to get healed up to full. If your DPS is on par – you should see two Orbital Strikes and then we move into the next part – the Add phase. When Crucia reaches 60% she’ll fly up in to the air. Keep in mind the Assault Frame player as well as the Archon should ensure that Crucia is drained of all of her mana before going into the next phase (at 60%):

Part 2: Add Phase

Note: This has been nerfed significantly since Crucia’s release

Noteworthy Mechanics:

    • Stormblade Construct – Adds that spawn in a circle on the outer rim of the platform. They don’t do a whole lot of damage – so anyone who can pull them in to the middle should. They need to be burned down within 22 seconds or they will wipe the raid. We typically toss up a Wild Growth during this phase.
    • Tempest Elemental – An elemental that spawns on the outer edge of the room (random side). It needs to be killed fairly soon as it drops a green circle on the ground when it dies that protects you from the damage that Crucia is doing. You want your Archon to do Arresting Presence on this Tempest as he can chain lightning and kill the raid.
    • Ranged Attack – Crucia targets a spot on the ground and does an amount of damage based on the amount of mana she has currently.


Since the nerf – this is a very easy phase. You run to the middle immediately after Crucia flies up. Pull all of the adds to the middle and burn them down. Run to the tempest elemental when he spawns and burn him down. Stack on green. Stay in green until Crucia lands – the tank will position accordingly. This takes us into the next part of crucia:

Part 3: Crucia – sub 60%

Noteworthy Mechanics:

    • Tempest Fury – Everyone  (except for the active tank) has to turn away from Crucia during this cast (like Gangnum). At the end of the cast if you’re not turned away from her – you will be blinded and only break free will get you out of it. This can be extremely dangerous sub-30%.
    • Coolant – Debuff that is cast on a player that picks them up and stuns them in place. Needs to be cleansed immediately.
    • Lightning Rod – A player will get a yellow bubble placed around them. They immediately need to run to the back of the room – place a bubble. Run out of it – place another bubble. Run out of that and place a third bubble. You place 3 bubbles in total and you have to ensure you run out of the bubble as soon as it’s dropped so not to take any unnecessary damage.
    • Lightning Breath – Same mechanic as Part 1 of Crucia. Does a ton of damage to the tank (20k per tick) and needs to be healed.
    • Blessing of the Storm Queen – Tank gets a debuff and tank swap needs to happen. Shortly after this debuff is cast the tank with the debuff will become mind controlled. He needs to be DPS’d down fast to break out of the mind control. This has to happen quickly so the tank is available to pick up Crucia when the other tank gets debuffed.
    • Red AOE Circles are placed on the ground (I believe the damage is called storm of pain) which tick for about 5-6k per hit. You need to move out of these immediately.

This phase isn’t too terrible difficult – unless everything isn’t executed properly, then it can get very messy very fast.

Essentially – the tanks need to swap, the DPS have to break the mind controlled tanks out, lightning rods need to be dropped in the back of the room away from everyone, Coolant needs to be cleansed immediately, and no one can get stunned by Tempest Fury. That’s all there is to this phase. Read the mechanics listed above to get a better understanding of how they work – but it really isn’t going to be that difficult to make it through. This is where it gets hard:

Part 3: Crucia – sub 30%

Everything stays the same as the last phase with one added problem: Lasers (or Wisps – depending who you ask). They follow a very specific pattern – though in the chaos of learning a fight it’s very hard to catch on to what the pattern is at first. If you get hit by a Wisp it’s essentially a two shot death. If you happen to run through two overlapping Wisps – it’s instant death.

Based on my personal observations – as well as some videos just to make sure – I believe this is the pattern that the wisps follow:



So you’ll see that obviously the “safer” points are on the outside – but you have to be aware of lightning rods and where they’re being dropped. If you can stay out of the Wisps path and execute this phase exactly how you executed sub 60% – Crucia will easily die.

Hopefully you’ll find this guide has been somewhat helpful – and if there are any mistakes or updates that need to be made feel free to let me know. As with every difficult fight – there is a ton of information and mechanics to learn. Master one mechanic at a time and move on to the next one. I find that is the easiest way to learn as a raid – everyone can make observations about the one specific task at hand rather than information coming from 10 different sources about 10 different aspects of the fight.

  • NotTrev

    The buttons listed for the mech suit are not correct, and the drain is completely unmentioned(as is mana wrenching from the Archon in your raid, among other things). Buttons are as follows:

    1: Drain 2: Cleanse(negated party members) 3: Purge(Shatters mech shields) 4: Supress(supresses minor bomb aoe and minor orb aoe) 5: leap(during storm) 6: silence(on storm)

    • Qube

      Appreciate the feedback. Made the changes where you mentioned. I was doing it from memory and can’t believe I left out the drain part – thanks for pointing that out.

  • Poosh

    Might want to make a good note about the Infinity storm. The “Timer” starts as soon as you get into the Mech suit. She will make 2 Fly Bys where she goes behind the bridge and out the other way (Clockwise). On the 3rd Flyby she will push off the bridge and go counter clockwise ~ This is when she will be doing her storm. Wait for Crucia to get to where near everybody first ports in and she will stop. Make sure to have her targeted and stand in front of her. Don’t push it early or you will fail. When she stops push 5, wait a second then push 6. (You do not have to be fast!! If your missing your jumps its because your too fast)

    Also for Suppressing in the Mech Suit you must suppress the orb when it goes through the raid as it is a channeled cast. These are very hard to target so make sure you have good clicking skills (Max 50 Zoom comes in handy) or make sure to tab to the right one.

    Also with Negate if you pop off the cast and cancel it (Say you need to Surpress an orb) it will take the debuff away but not give them their power/mana back ~ which is Okay if they are still at 30% mana which they should never hit Zero if your decent with Mech Suit) This is life saving if your warden gets Negate at the same time you need to surpress an orb. I find it easiest to Tab target to the correct one and then focus is so I can continue to Drain/Negate.

    Also in P2 the Devastated Shock is actually Target Acquired (That’s the name of the debuff in Kalerts) It’s an small AOE circle that works similar to Lightning Rod where you run away drop a circle, run away drop a circle etc. I think 4 or 5 times not sure on the #.

  • joanah

    Thank you so much for your detailed guide, this is very helpful for teaching me this boss strategy I had no idea what to do before I read it. Your guide is awesome thanks so much. I hope you continue providing such helpful guides and anyone who criticizes you is a fool, please keep up the great training guides.

  • Emi

    In Phase 2 when Stormcore Annihilator comes out – the Assault Frame player is responsible for Suppressing the bomb with suppress (2).

    this is meant to be “(4)”

    For the Assault Frame player I found this video and it’s very helpful.

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