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Jultharin – Strategy

Raid Make Up:

  • 1 Tank
  • 2 Healers (A Chloro and a Warden are suggested)
  • 1 Support (Bard suggested)
  • 6 DPS

Jultharin – 14.4 Million HP

Main Abilities:

    • Jultharin’s Spark – A line of wisps joined by lasers will be summoned from one of the four walls approcimately every 30 seconds. Each wisp in the row has 274K HP; this barrier will move to the opposite wall from which it is summoned, one-shotting any player that it touches along the way. When Jultharin is at 50% health, he has a chance to summon two sets of wisps, from different walls, simultaneously.
    • Deranging Tempest – After a 2 second cast, the boss will fear every member of the raid. This cast can be interrupted.
    • Shocking BlastJultharin hits the tank for 11K damage after a 1 second cast.
    • AoE Damage – The boss gains a buff every 15 seconds which causes him to deal 4.5K damage every second for three seconds to everyone in the raid.


    The main concerns with this boss are Jultharin’s Spark and Deranging Tempest.…

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    Grand Falconer Zoles – Strategy

    Raid Make Up:

    • 2 Tanks
    • 2 Healers (Chloro and Puri are suggeested, Sent will also work.)
    • 1 Support (Bard)
    • 5 DPS

    Grand Falconer Zoles – 12.8 Million HP

    Main Abilities:

      • Summon SkyscreamZoles will summon a large bird add called Skyscream 10 seconds into the fight. Skyscream has 1.4 Million health and damage buff taht stacks over time. At 20% health (280K) it will explode in a blue bubble, dealing 50K damage to anyone in the bubble. At the add’s death, Zoles gains a stacking damage buff. Five seconds after Skyscream explodes, Zoles will summon another.
      • Lightning Sphere – The boss will target a random member of the raid and deal 60K damage with this 1.5 second cast. The damage can be shared by up to eight other close raid members.
      • Energy Lash – This is Zoles’ version of a chain lightning spell. After a 2 second cast, Energy Lash targets a random raid member and links them with two other nearby players for 4K, 6K, and 8K damage, respectively.
      • Static Empowerment – A 2 second cast that must be interrupted.

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      Cyril – Strategy

      Raid Makeup

      • 2 Tanks
      • 2 Healers (2 healers suggested due to mind control, one skilled/geared healer may successfully heal this fight)
      • 5 DPS
      • 1 Support (Bard)

      Cyril – 13.6 Million HP

      Cyril’s Main Abilities:

        • Mein of Supremacy – Cyril greatly buffs his damage with Mein of Supremacy after a 2 second cast. This can be purged.
        • Mind Control – An add called Puppet Master with 150,000 health will be spawned every 30 seconds. Puppet Master will immediately mind control a player. Once the add is dead, the player will be released. While mind controlled, the player will be immune to incoming damage, but will be attacking other raid members.
        • Glimpse of Insanity – Cyril channels Glimpse of Insanity, applying 1 stack every second for 3 seconds to everyone in front of him. Each stack reduces the player’s health by 10%.
        • Crushing Burden – After a 2 second cast the boss deals 26000 damage to anyone near him in melee range.
        • Inevitable Judgement – Knocks everyone back, and roots them in place for 2 seconds.
        • Temple’s Wrath – The boss does a 2 second cast, then a 10 second channel in which fire is produced from the pillars around the room.

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        General Typhiria – Strategy

        Raid Make Up:

        • 1 Tank
        • 2 Healers (Chloro and Warden are suggested)
        • 1 Support
        • 6 DPS (Note: If the AoE  damage is too high in Phase 1, use three healers; this will depend on the raid’s gear level.)

        General Typhiria – 13.81 Million HP

        Phase 1 – Storm Warden


          • Typhiria summons a Storm Warden, a foothold, with 1 Million health and 2 Storm Mistresses with 686K health, 10 seconds into the fight. 1 mintute after the Storm Warden is summoned the boss will AoE the raid with unhealable damage. If a Storm Mistress is killed she will begin to produce a large white bubble. If a player is standing in the bubble they will gain a reactive ability that can kill the Storm Warden in two or three hits. However, if a player is standing in the bubble when it explodes, they will take large amounts of damage and likely be one-shot. When the Storm Warden dies, it will drop a blue pool that when stopped in will give that player a protective blue bubble.

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