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The Ultimate Guide to Storm Legion Summerfest 2013

Summerfest Phase Schedule

Phase 1: Beat the Heat (July 25th – August 7th)

Summer is here and people all across Telara are taking a break from their hard-won battles to enjoy the fine weather, great food, and fantastic fishing that summer always brings.
– Relax and enjoy the weather! Try your hand at a Scavenger Hunt, but make sure you wear your bug repellant.

Phase 2: Lazy Summer (August 7th – 22nd)

The Scavenger hunts continue throughout Telera, while many folks sit back with a frosty beverage and enjoy the sunshine.

With the start of Summerfest also brought out some new goodies for us to earn. If you are a patron, you should try to claim your “Daily Patron Gift,” on a daily basis so you can earn up to 25-50 credits from it! You can also earn anywhere from 50 to 75 credits from the “Weekly Patron Gift.”…

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Ultimate Guide to Carnival of the Ascended – 2013

This year’s Carnival of the Ascended is almost two weeks in but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy everything that’s being offered. There are new prize items to earn, new achievements to earn and of course, later on in the month a special bonus period for currencies to celebrate Rift’s 2nd Anniversary. So in order to get you prepared for the event, I’ve gone ahead and put together this comprehensive guide. It features all quests currently available (their rewards) as well as all of the new and awesome prizes that you can purchase.

So what are you waiting for?!…

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Carnival of the Ascended Dimension Float Previews

Last year when Carnival of the Ascended was first introduced, the parade floats were probably the cutest things designed in Rift. I loved the attention to details (the stitching!) and the music that played when you were near them. They had done such a great job with them that it was disappointing to see them go and have to wait another year to see them again. Except… not anymore. This year’s Carnival of the Ascended comes after Storm Legion’s launch which brought us the ever-so-amazing Dimensions!…

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New “Carnival Candy” Lootables on Rift Mobile

The RIFT Mobile app was updated yesterday to include a Carnival of the Ascended game into the Lootables mix! Carnival Candy, available for a limited time, gives you 5 chances per scratch off to win. Some of the prizes are Glass Beads, Prize Tickets, and various other old world event items (including items from 1.1-1.5 that were removed from the World Event vendor.)

All you need to win is to be lucky enough for your scratch to have one (or five!) Birthday Cakes and you’ll win the prize for that column. Easy enough, right?

So get to scratching.. you might be lucky and win something that isn’t Glass Beads :P.

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Carnival of the Ascended Starting Phase Dates

This year is the second annual Carnival of the Ascended World Event which means lovable balloons companions, pinatas, awesome warddrobe masks and more. If you didn’t have a chance to participate last year, there were multiple phases to the event. The first week of the event is sort of a pre-celebration. The lovely COTA NPCs are lingering around Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay getting their booths setup, the floats prepared, and mead stockpiled. This year the event has been somewhat simplified. There will only be two phases to the event unlike last year’s 6 phases (although the sixth one was an introduction to the War of the Wanton Maw and Infernal Dawn.)…

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A Guide to  Fae Yule 2012

It’s almost that time of the year where TBS plays “A Christmas Story” 24 hours a day and you wake up wishing you were a kid again with presents under the Christmas tree from Santa. Except this is Rift! Fae Yule is back for it’s second year and is better than ever! Back are the Humbugs, our Bogling Santa Overlord, snow, toboggans and more. Currently, you can experience this event on the PTS. If you haven’t setup the Rift PTS yet, check out our guide!…

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