Summerfest 2012: The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

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Coming next week will be the new event, Summerfest, and along with it will be various new quests and adventures to partake in! To help you through this, we will be creating various guides should you find yourself needing assistance through Summerfest!

Our first guide here is for the quest “The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 1” which will offer the following achievement for 5 achievement score:

Shyla Starhearth has asked you to travel to the various zones, find a Scavenger Task Master there, and complete their challenge.

  • Complete the Freemarch Challenge
  • Complete the Silverwood Challenge
  • Complete the Stonefield Challenge
  • Complete the Gloamwood Challenge
  • Complete the Scarlet Gorge Challenge


  • Pucker UpFind and Kiss Jakub the Morose
  • In order to see Jakub, much like Hylas, you will need to ensure you have up the buff from your quest! To find Jakub, you’ll want to trek on over to Smith’s Haven. From there you will go to the we-st of the Village to the cave. You’ll find Jakub waiting there for a dazzling kiss on his boney lips.


  • Hylas Needs a HugFind and hug Hylas somewhere in Silverwood.
  • You will be looking for “Prince Hylas the Wistful” with the “Hylas Hug Buff” (Wistful for the Past). He is located at exactly 6585, 2486. You will have to use the mote to hug him, so target Hylas and type /hug. You will then have the quest completed and move on to the next zone!


  • Troll TreasureFind Troll Treasure in Stonefield
  • This one is pretty simple. You’re just looking for an interactable pile of treasures. You can find this pile of treasure at 5577, 4677.


  • Find Tree of Wisdom in GloamwoodFind the Tree of Wisdom
  • This tree spawns around the Stand Stones areas. You can find it around 4843,3086. Each time someone interacts with it, it will respawn in another spot in the vicinity.

Scarlet Gorge

  • The Human Barrel RideJump Through 10 Glowing Rings Along the Falls
  • This one is super easy! After you climb to the top of the northern mountain to grab the quest, you’ll see Sonic-esque rings that you’ll need to fall through. You only need to go through 10 rings, so try not to jump out too far!

About Cupcakes

By day I'm a web developer and by night I'm slayin' internet dragons. You may know me in game as 'Cupcakey' which has been my main since I started playing Rift in March 2011. I also used to run Rift Nerd before collaborating on Rift Scene.

  • Ella

    Where are the actual task masters located??

    • Cupcakes

      Once you pick up the quest for the Scavenger Hunts, go to your Quest Log and in the quest itself you can click on the “map” portion. It will show all waypoints for the individual zone’s NPC to pick up the zone quest. It’s also highlighted in individual zones as well. Just make sure it’s an active quest in your UI quest sidebar.

  • Thijs Welling

    For the Freemarch quest you just have to type the /kiss command to Jakob the Morose

  • someguy

    Whoa, thats kinda dumb there’s no hint on these things for newer players. I had no idea you could EVER “type” commands. Tyvm as that was incredibly helpful. Was wondering what in the world was going on trying to “hug” Hylas. Extremely frustrating

  • In Such A State

    I found the Tree of Wisdom at 4942, 2722 in Gloamwood.

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