Let’s Have A Chat About F2P

Opinion posted by Lumia

I have been getting quite frustrated at certain posts that keep popping up on the forums. The posts that take one tiny aspect of the game, either warp that aspect or completely misunderstand something, and jump to some extreme claiming that because of this one thing, Rift is pay to win, has paywalls, Trion is trying to scam the players etc. And while doing so, there is generally no “Can someone clarify this” or “It seems that…” instead these opinions are from very very very angry people who state their opinions as fact, and end up coming off like conspiracy theorists.

I am personally really tired of the conversation about whether or not Rift has a decent F2P model, so in this video I compare Rift’s model to two other F2P models, SWTOR and TERA. As I mention in the video I play these games, I have subscriptions to them, and max level characters in them. I am not attempting to argue for or against an individual game, or bash the game’s content – I am simply trying to compare the F2P models.

This video is a bit different than my other videos and it is also longer than I wanted it to be. (Believe me, I tried to cut it down, but there was only so much I could take out before I felt like I wasn’t making my point.) Also, I apologize for the video quality. I am aware that it is blurry/out of focus, but I didn’t notice until I finished filming, and considering this was already the 2nd time I filmed it due to a different issue, I wasn’t about to film it again. I had a “fuck it” moment so this is what you get.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • RoughRaptors

    Every video you have…I can’t get over how clean your house is. Makes me jealous :-(

    • RIFT

      It’s like she lives in a hotel…

      Thanks for the fair & honest video Lumia :)

      • Lumia

        Yup, those hotel staffers are on the ball.

        • Ardwick

          Can we get a video of you cleaning frantically for 3 hours before you film your actual videos?

          • Lumia

            I’m pretty sure I have never cleaned for 3 hours in a row in my life. So I’m going to have to say no.

    • Amity

      It’s like she has no children to constantly clean up after. Or films in a guest room that nobody ever goes in.

  • Zaiya

    F2P has fucked up the community. I watched the global channels go to shit one level at a time. Last night we got to share in a conversation about dry humping and whacking off, isn’t that nice. People don’t respect what they don’t pay for… I don’t care what anyone says.

    • Lumia

      Personally I have all general/global chat channels in their own tab (that I never look at) because there has always been stupid conversations and unoriginal trolls that start the most ridiculous arguments, so I can’t claim to know their current status. I would like to point out that the most notoriously terrible chat channel is from the-game-that-shall-not-be-named which is not (yet) f2p…Barrens Chat.

  • Brandi Fleshman

    I love the f2p system on Rift, but I do wish I could buy a bikini without having to spent real money.. (just an itty bitty tiny complaint) Hands down, best thing about Rift is f2p.

  • TheLoneRanger

    Everything you say I am in 100% agreement with. The real world and the online one is of course not a perfect place which one could say there are arguments for and against. Oh and btw, you are cute, cute cute……..

  • Chris Lee

    I must say I agree with everything but people complaining about an online game not matter what game or what system they use will never stop. Its impossible to make everyone happy and if rift was not F2P at this point then everyone would be complaining its not fair all these other games are F2P why isn’t Rift.

    Personally the most annoying thing about the people that complain is here they are playing the game and enjoying to the point that they don’t stop playing due to their complaints. No they would rather go to a forum and stir up a long winded argument with no real reason for it and cause as many people headaches as possible.

  • Noshei

    Are you Canadian?

    • Lumia

      Sure am.

  • wikimon

    the thing about “Free to Play” is they can be very subtle about what their model is if they wish to be. you may consider rift to not be squeezing their playerbase into paying, but what if the XP in the game was cut in half, and the XP boosts were doubled? quartered and quadrupled? at what point does the inconvenience/convenience become necessity? tera as you’ve said employs the very same squeeze with the gold dump into gear and the gold boosting subscription. rift is far more subtle, but that 40% experience vial on leveling, or 40% notoriety when rep grinding, well it’s not insignificant.

    it’s not pay to WIN, but it sure is paying to get an advantage.

    it’s up to the players to decide whether or not it’s something they can handle or if they want to look elsewhere for their entertainment needs

    • Lumia

      Right, but the idea is that you don’t HAVE to buy anything the way it currently is run. Getting players to buy things from the store is how they make money so, yes, they are going to offer things that are incentives to you. However, as you are able to achieve max level/notoriety/favor/prestige, play all the content (save the SL souls) etc without paying a cent, it’s a fair free to play model. And honestly, speeding up your notoriety grind isn’t an advantage beyond the fact that it saves you time. It’s not affecting balance or other people. If they were offering BIS gear only to be purchased in the store, that would be an advantage (p2w).

      If you think the fact that Rift sells vials makes it an unfair f2p system, I think your expectations are unrealistic. Trion is not out to gift us a game. They are trying to make money, and they are attempting to do so in a way that allows players the *option* of spending money.

      • wikimon

        i agree completely. 40% boost is probably the max you want to be able to give your “patrons”. but even at 40% if they slowed down leveling and made it so no boost was just god awful, and 40% was terrible but at least DOABLE, you’d still have the problem of forcing your playerbase to pay in order to make the game playable.

        trion has struck a good balance how they have it right now. i am not a patron and i am level 55, my friend is a patron and he’s 59. that’s not too terrible a gap. their system is tuned pretty well

  • NiceGuyLuke

    OMG You are soo cute

    • ModestObserver

      Admit it, there are exactly two reasons you watch her videos. Granted, they are two very large reasons, but still.

      • Falsie

        I don’t know why they keep deleting your posts about Lumina’s chi chi’s. You are spot on and they know it. Hell, look at how she spills them out in plain view in this video. Cutest little chi chi’s I’ve seen in a long time.

        • MeToo

          Talk about BIS

          • Jackson

            Wow, thin skinned much? If you’re going to openly display them as you do, then don’t be surprised when the obvious demographic of your site takes the bait. And I LOL’d the first time I read his comment because it was in fact quite creative. But I agree it’s getting old.

          • FrankNFirth

            I don’t think it’s getting old, I have been enjoying the cat and mouse between her and him and it’s hilarious. He posts, she deletes, he re-posts, she re-deletes, then she puts out another video, this time exposing half her tits, obviously provoking him, and he chimes in right on cue and then she responds. He probably jizzed his jeans when she responded to him personally lol. Very amusing.

          • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

            so many people keep coming back to this post I need to like monetize it somehow.. like 100 ad placements or something.

          • Jackson

            You want to monetize this aspect? Have more Lumia posts on your front page, have her keep showing her tits (as she obviously likes to do), and they will come (hopefully, they will clean up their mess when they are done). Your advertising revenues will go through the roof. Think about who plays this game, then think about how much skin Lumia likes to show, and then kick yourself in the butt for failing to realize what you’re tapped into.

      • Lumia

        You’ve posted this exact same comment at least four different times on RS, and at least once on youtube. Could you at least be a bit creative with your comments? This is just getting pathetic.

  • Torwald

    I’m just about hitting 60 and I have to admit, I don’t think I will have the 400k or so to buy the pvp gear, wich means I might buy the missing pieces with cash. Don’t see this as a problem, It gives me “the baseline” for pvp and it works both ways, you can grind for it or cash out. I can see how some people would have a problem with this though – but I think the problem is their own.

  • Sneakyguy

    I agree also. I have played Rift (on and off) since launch and payed for original Rift and SL. But every game, no matter how amazing is gonna have whiny little bitches who just like to complain about EVERYTHING.

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