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Pardon Our Mess!

We’re still in the process of putting this site together so some things might look a little wonky. Until then, keep this bookmarked and check back again in the future for more exciting Rift content!…

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51 Inquisitor – Competitive Cleric DPS

[legacyg]This guide was created for Rift 1.10 and prior. This spec may or may not be viable for 1.11 and beyond (including Storm Legion.)[/legacyg]

51 Inquisitor / 10 Sentinel / 5 Cabalist

If you have an interest on where to start DPSing as a Cleric, one of the top parsing builds utilizes a 51 point build of Inquisitor. With this you’ll have access to single-target spells like Nysyr’s Rebuke and Bolt of Judgment and multi-target spells like Soul Drain and Circle of Oblivion while also receiving passive benefits from Sentinel and Cabalist. Combined you’ll be able to bring a competitive spec to just about anything!…

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