Latest PTS update sneaks a peek into 2.4 changes!

PTS posted by Cupcakes

2013-08-31_224426 In the most recent PTS update, about ~700MB worth!, brought forth a lot of small changes and additions that can be expect to see come 2.4. The new PVP rank has been increased to 90, gear upgrade paths, new crafting recipes for Seals, and some more new (and old)!


Since there is going to be a lot of new information on what, here’s a summary of all of the changes.

  • PVP:
    • Rank 90 – “Myrmidon”
    • Weekly & Daily Rewards – Now offers Warlord’s Mark and Myrmidon’s Mark
    • Base gear now “Freelancer’s”
    • Myrmidon Gear Previews
    • Conquest is now “Join” only
  • World & Raid Gear:
    • New upgrade paths
    • New synergy crystals
  • Rift Store:
    • Trophies section added
    • Cosmetics category added


rift - myrmidon
PVP rank has increased another 10 levels to a new prestige called “Myrmidon.” And of course with the new PVP rank comes new PVP gear that requires Myrmidon Marks (and the usual prestige and favor.) For those of us already sitting at rank 80, you’ll need 292,484 prestige to hit rank 81. Much like the previous gear requirements, you’ll be able to purchase the new Myrmidon gear and accessories at rank 80, but you will not be able to purchase any weapons until rank 90. Fortunately, there are no new essences (yet) so the Freelancer’s set is still applicable. I’m not sure if we’ll see a new set added soon, but who knows as this is still just the PTS!


Your weeklies and dailies will also swap to now offering you Warlord’s Mark OR Myrmidon’s Mark. Random Warfronts will let you pick either 800 Warlord’s Mark or 300 Myrmidon’s Marks and the Weekly will offer up either 1800 Warlord’s Mark or 900 Myrmidon’s Mark.


Mercernary is no longer the base gear for PVP. It was now been swapped to the “Freelancer’s” set that now simply only requires favor. I was unable to hop into a Warfront queue to check out if the bolstering has been bumped from Mercenary to Freelancer, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see if other people are able to test this out to see what bolstering would be in affect.


The new gear looks pretty awesome across the board for all classes. Interested in seeing what you’ll have to look forward to?



You are no longer able to select what faction you’d like to join for Conquest. It is now entirely 100% random. Unfortunately, this will yield a lot of negative responses as there are several NA (and EU) Conquest premades that frequent all of the clusters. And for those of us that liked to queue during the timer to a set faction (because you knew the trick to wait for ‘Join’ so you’d ensure a win!), we’ll be joining everyone else with the luck of the draw.


rift 2-4 upgrade paths
So, are you prepared for how convoluted gear upgrade paths will be now? There are now going to be multiple paths of itemization for gear that will allow you to upgrade according to the role you need the gear for. So on live right now, we just have the Desolate raid gear as a Cleric. It’s one set path for each piece, so you only go from epic to relic and the base stat you see is what you get. So if there’s a piece of raid gear with a stat you don’t want/need (say CP vs SP or CP vs AP, or Crit vs AP/SP), you might have been using an upgraded raid drop in lieu.

Well, that’s all going to change with 2.4. The new Tier 2 raiding gear “Rift Walker” will have multiple itemization pieces to choose from. Each have their own base itemization of Spell Crit, Spell Power, and Crit Power as well as Dodge, Parry, or Block. The same can be applied to Rogue/Warrior as their itemization options will include Physical Crit, Attack Power, and Crit Power as well as Dodge, Parry, and Block. Am I confusing you enough yet? Good, because that’s how my brain feels trying to explain this to you!

Essentially, it just allows you to freely upgrade directly for a stat that you prefer or need. Now ya’ll can leave poor Josh York alone! 😛


rift 2-4 synergy crystals
So as-if the new raid gear options weren’t overwhelming enough, there is also a new tier of Synergy crystals available for purchase. They require the current epic synergy crystals as an upgrade as well as…. 200,000 Infinity Stones. Yes, you read right right, 200,000. Now this is obviously the PTS, stuff can be right, wrong or changed. Some overworked developer hopefully added in 2 extra zeroes to the cost because 20,000 IS, while still ridiculous, makes a little more sense. So if you aren’t tired of grinding for IS yet, you better be prepared to start farming your butt off for 2.4!

The Synergy Crystals aren’t insane increases in stats. You’ll see the 3pc Spell/Attack Power boosted to 80 (from the current 70) and minor boosts to the 2pc and 4pc. Despite being minor, for those of you that enjoy min/maxing for raids, these will be a must-have.


rift store trophies
A few weeks ago I had posted about the new Trophies section coming to the Rift Store and now it’s finally here! All items that you earned from achievements are available to purchase for a very affordable 225 credits. So now you can send those sexy mounts (companions, trinkets, and more!) to your other alts to look as cool as your main!


rift store cosmetic
As much as I love raiding and PVP, I am a sucker for fluff.. and that awesome fluff I have been waiting for foreeeeeeeeever is finally here. New hair styles, hair colors and even new skin tones! Unfortunately, all three of these new options are Rift Store items that will cost credit. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You won’t have to spend credits every time you want to adjust your character’s hair style, color, or skintone. They’re all items sold under the “Services” section in the store and are automatically consumed to your character.

Hopefully you’re excited to see what the hair and hair colors look like because I probably spent 3096 credits on the PTS to preview the two Barbershop items I have been looking forward to the most. So if anyone at Trion is reading this and if you love me, you should totally gift me the Sapphire Ki Rin mount as a ‘refund’ for the credits I spent! ♥ Heaven knows how tired my guildies are about my incessant whining that the mount never dropped during the most recent Mayhem in Mathosia *sniffles*

Check out my future post on the previews because unfortunately I’m unable to buy it on the PTS without errors! :(

Rift Credits
Extended Hair Style Set
This item grants the Extended hair Style Set. It is automatically consumed/applied as soon as it enters your inventory, and is added to any status you may already have.
Hair Color Set bundle
This item grants the Hair Color sets: Natural Tones, Intense Light Tones, Light Tones, Intense Midtones, Mindstones, Dark Tones. It is automatically consumed / applied as soon as it enters your inventory, and is added to any status you may already have.
Skin Color Set Bundle
This item grants the Skin Color Sets: Blue Tones, Dark Tones, Light Tones, Pink Tones, and Purple Tones. It is automatically consumed / applied as soon as it enters your


rift 2-4 seals
Hopefully you’ve been going nuts farming your weeklies for Crafting and have stocked up a good pile of Grandmaster Craftsman’s Mark and Master Craftsman’s Mark because there are new Seal recipes available coming for 2.4! The base stats are for +89. I’m not sure if the cost is correct as it’s only required 50 Master Craftman’s Marks but.. there a 20 hour cooldown on the recipe. Not only that but the base price to craft will be 1000p off the bat as they require 2x Swirling Infinity Particles which are 500p each. The mats required won’t cost a fraction of that, so it’s going to be pretty tough if you don’t have a stockpile of plat saved up for this!

About Cupcakes

By day I'm a web developer and by night I'm slayin' internet dragons. You may know me in game as 'Cupcakey' which has been my main since I started playing Rift in March 2011. I also used to run Rift Nerd before collaborating on Rift Scene.

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Ok, so it’s fully confirmed that Trophies are like SWTOR’s Collections, except without such varied prices (a stable $1 and something, instead of anything ranging from less than a dollar, to several dollars – though this might change with future Rift items). I guess that downside is that we don’t get infinite items to give to all alts, but instead just one item to give to one alt.

    Hair pricing – Knew it! Hair color is a bit too much for me to care (‘cosmetic’ usually caps out at $10 for me. $15-25 makes me go ‘whatever’ and move on).

    Seals – I really think I should have picked up Weaponsmith for my Rogue, and not Outfitting … :(. However, I believe I have the best Dex Seal available so far aside from this, so I’m not concerned until I get into T4 raiding (might happen this Fall, might not).

    Synergy Crystals – Don’t care so far.

    PvP – Dun care.

    Right now I’m occupying myself with other MMOs, while taking a break from Rift except to log in and maybe do a few dailies and random achievements. These details don’t draw me back in, nor do they have me immediately wanting to spend any money. The new Chronicle (one, because I believe Hammerknell one was pushed back) and expert dungeon, that’ll have me in :)

  • Cjisohsocool

    Do you think you could post pictures of the new hairstyles? That way people could see what they are before purchasing them.

    • Will Denham

      The barber shop is currently disabled on the PTS, presumably because they’re implementing the new hairstyles and colors. I’m sure they will have photos as soon as they are available.

  • Breckin

    So when you buy a new hairstyle, skin tone, or hair color set will it go across the board for all characters or will you need to purchase for each character?

    • Will Denham

      Daglar said it was account wide on the live stream Friday.

      • Cupcakes

        Awesome, thanks Will! :)

        • Will Denham

          You can now sort of preview the hairstyles, skincolors, and hair colors on the PTS. Create a new character and there is a + symbol next to the features, and you can pick the pack. This almost seems like they are going to bring out new hairstyles in further packs.

          There are four hairstyles for each race I’m assuming.

          • Cupcakes

            Yep, I saw it the other day after I wrote up this post. Was disappointed that the hairstyle extension is seemingly only just other race hairstyles… was really hoping for new ones. :

          • Will Denham

            The hair colors and skin tones look rather stellar, but the hair is mostly copied over. After going through a few of them have one new hairstyle, while the other 2-3 hairstyles are from other races.

  • Nogoo

    hmm what happens with ppl who have the base pvp set now? stuck they with it or get it changed aswell?

    • Will Denham

      They are stuck with it and need to upgrade to the new tier via favor. It’s like this when any new gear sets are released, and has been this way for over a year. There are always three tiers of PvP gear, when a new one is released the lowest tier gets removed.

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