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We had discussions early on about launching a RiftScene forum after we saw many requests from users in comments and e-mails. The main reason we didn’t go forward with forums sooner is that we didn’t want to fragment the users by splitting up discussions across multiple forums.

The primary tipping point for us to go forward with forums is due to the fact that with Rift going Free 2 Play, there may be certain restrictions for users who don’t have a subscription (patron pass) on certain areas of the official forums. In addition, we feel we can offer people a more relaxed experience here by allowing them to freely voice their thoughts and opinions without threads being locked left right and center. I don’t hold it against or look down on Trion for policing their forums as hardcore as they do, they have a lot at risk and really need to keep things as neutral as possible.

We hope that players will find use of the forums, though it is an experiment currently and if we find the usage isn’t high enough to really justify having them, then we may close them down (with a ton of advanced warning, of course).

Short list of rules:

    • No obvious personal attacks on individuals. It’s one thing to get into an argument with a player on the forums, and it’s another thing just to be downright nasty.
    • No excessive profanity. We’re not going to go hard deleting and censoring swear words all over the place, but if you’re going out of your way to be a jerk we’ll intervene.
    • Racial slurs, attacks on either of the sexes and attacks on sexual preferences will not be tolerated and will likely earn you a perm ban, without warning, depending on the severity or context of the usage.

We do have in-game item integration on the forums out the gate which allows you to link to items with their respective tooltips by either clicking on the little shield button on the editor which looks like: shield and then entering the name of the item or weapon/armor, etc you’d like to link to.

Alternatively you can use the BBCode: [rift]Name of Item[/rift] (not case sensitive) to link to the item. If the item exists and is valid, it will automatically link to it with the

The forums are also optimized for mobile viewing. They should look perfect on phones, tablets, etc. There may be some minor quirks here and there but for the most part they should work just fine.

So go ahead and check out the forums!

We will be looking for moderators to help us police our forums and keep things going smooth like gravy. The best way to become a moderator is to be an active contributing member – and we’ll contact you.



  • Malcolm Swoboda

    I’ll try to check out the forums once I have to time, and possibly be a regular poster if I can :) -Maeloda

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