Rift 3.0 – Expansion Reveals and Teasers

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During today’s livestream (6/21) there were some pretty big reveals (Live stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds/b/420071973). Sorry for the crappy image – they held it up to the camera and it’s all we could get.

Here are some bullet points of what we know on the order in which they were talked about:

  • Companions will play a bigger role. They’ll have abilities and you can level them up. These are the pet companions, too, not the pets that classes get. Think something similar to the Pet Battles in WoW? Though from the hints they were dropping I think they want the companions to be a bit more meaning than just Pokemon.
  • Item advancement. We can expect a much more customized weapon/armor upgrade system in that you’ll have many more choices to upgrade/advance your armor to tailor to your play style.
  • 3.0 Will be the plane of Water. This doesn’t mean underwater swimming all of the time. They plan to use all aspects of their Lore in regards to Water (like dream worlds, madness, etc). There will be underwater zones, frozen zones, etc. They did not announce how many zones we will see.
  • New Souls: Support Cleric (true support like Bard, Archon, BM, etc). Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage, Healing Rogue (true healing, not bard, or not tact, true 100% healing).
  • Expect more interaction and meaning inside of Dimensions. Vague hint to player made dungeons, maybe?

Sorry we don’t have much more detail – but we can only get what we saw during the live stream! If we missed or overlooked anything please let us know in the comments below!


  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Companions – HELL YES. I’ve wanted this so long. These are the small companions right, not the Rang/Necro/Ele/Beast/Druid ones right?
    I hope it’s not only pet battles (honestly I wouldn’t mind that), but instead minor combat boosts/buffs/debuffs/healing/damaging on top of what the player does. A bit like the companions in Neverwinter except actually cool (doesn’t need to be a deep system either, just something).

    Item Advancement – I support this, as long as Trion really gets a handle on how their items work. It would be a shame if we get a glut of overcomplicated systems, leading to them being outright forced to cut down on things.

    Plane of Water 3.0 – Yep we saw this coming either for 3.0 or something like a 2.7ish. I really hope that swimming gets improved (it doesn’t need to be as good as GW2’s, but it should at least be more ‘fluid’ and not involve wrestling with the camera and targeting..). Frozen and Madness parts were also pretty much leaked earlier, but it’s good to get confirmation.

    Souls – Support Cleric *thumbs up*, Healing Warrior *thumbs up*, Taking Mage *HUGE THUMBS UP I WANT A MAGE NOW*, Healing Rogue *thumbs up, I play one, and I don’t love healing, but this is a nice-to-have*

    Dimensions – Heck, I’d go with even just a lot more interactive items and just that. Maybe with a companion update, we may get dimensions also allowing us to place our companions whereever we want in a dimension, as well as NPCs and such.

    Vanity-Dungeon-Making would just be a plus for me.


    • Malcolm Swoboda

      Ok I’m watching it and sounds like ‘crew tasks’ in SWTOR. So far. Also doesn’t sound like it.

      So we’ll see lol

    • Samuel Serafim

      I do like to use these new combat companions in chronicles too, but anyway, this probabily will be a very minor new feature. And about swimming, this is not against your opinions, i just like to share i hate swimming combat in Gw2. stronghold warfronts and swimming combat exactly as Rift have my suggestions :D.

      • Malcolm Swoboda

        I hate swimming combat in general and GW2’s swimming combat isn’t exactly what I’m looking at – instead its all about the animations and camerawork. If we were expected to do it just as Rift’s camera currently is, it will be TERRIBLE in Plane of Water.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Very nice streaming. I cant wait for Mage tank.

    Another feature i liked is the hailol Footholds. They have big potential.

    Will companios need dimensions to grow? I hope. Dimensions need more use, like pvp dimensions that I ask so hard.

    I still want bound dyes, better reputation windows, smother grafics, costumizable UI(not only the location and the sizes, but the kind, color and THEME), better gear design (Rift still need be more creative here).

    I dont want to make dungeuns, create dungeuns. I really dont care.

    Another nice feature is the ability to choose the pet design, like diferent kinds of zumbie to necromancer, fire, water, air and earth for elementalist and maybe colective designs for all pets(not the companions). I do like to drop this inscriptions from raids and hard archievments.

    What more? Strongholds are very nice, but i want more higher, more themed and still more imersive Rifts. The design of weapons needs be better too, with animated motion, like greenscale mage’s staff.

    Last, i want more impressive skills animations, like some few stormcaller skills are. Much more efects, and more than that, they should be scalable to personal computer grafics settings, to not prejudice low performance computers.

    Ty trion, u are great.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      Mage – Yep 😀
      Hailol Footholds – I just hate how my better run speed harms me here :(
      Companions – Dunno
      I want a better UI overall. And for it to stop refreshing on me.
      I don’t want to make dungeons either but I can see it as a fun thing to try out them!
      Changing Pet (not companion) design – YES YES YES!!

  • Knut

    healing rogue~!!! i want an alchemist throwing potions and stuff…that would be so cool

    • Samuel Serafim

      Very nice, but is sounds very gw2 to me.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      It sounds like it’s called a Physician (the tamest sounding soul of this expansion, but that’s ok), so you may be right. I wanna chuck med packs and potions and stuff, with special mechanics behind it :)

  • Matthew Evans

    You don’t want to create your own dungeon but think about it. If they implement this idea, it will impact the things you and many others want regarding dimension functionality. I assume the creation of dungeons would be a personalized instance like a dimension and the new ideas/mechanics will likely rollover to dimensions.

    • Samuel Serafim

      The problem to me is this feature sounds like overlapping to me. Like a infinite cicle.

  • Exoque

    Hoping the water zones are nothing like WoW’s Vashjir area, they quickly learned nobody likes swimming around in a 3d environment, it’s boring, annoying and a pain in neck to get anywhere, infact people just skipped the area after a while to head straight for Hyjal. This will need to be done right or they have just created an area that people will avoid.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      I hope so too.
      I’d want WoW vibrancy of color and enemies, mixed with the creepiest parts of Rift, with more creepyness from TSW (some parts of it truly freaked me out), mixed with some lessons from GW2’s swimming, which while it isn’t the greatest experience, it actually made me *not* get angry at my game controls in frustration…

    • Tony

      I think what works for GW2 is that combat underwater is different than combat out of it… it flows better, it seems more fitting. In WoW, it’s the same old stuff and all that’s been added is the annoyance of a Z axis. I hope Rift leans from that.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Man this picture is amazing. No coments about the picture yet?
    Coral Forest? Glacial Maps? Omg… Seens incredible. (Iron Pine Peaks continues the most beautiful map to me even with Storm legion)
    And Atlantis? Lot of levels going to the midle of Earth.
    This is just Epic to me. Cant wait.

    • Matthew Evans

      i agree, coral forest is a cool idea. lots of potential for this water realm

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      And considering that they’ve mentioned that they may introduce more swimming content to 2.x patches before the next expansion (I think in order to test out new ways to make swimming more bearable and interesting and…visible underwater? :P), I really hope they use the sunken smaller sunken ruins near Ember Isle. Or even have sunken Abyssal caves under Meridian (Bronze Tomb for the academics of Meridian?? – whereas Iron Tomb was Death, and instead the tomb of the rulers of Freemarch).

  • Jamoose

    the idea of the proposed souls is sheer stupidity, a healing rouge and warrior? go and take a jump off a cliff! if i wanted a healing character i would have made one, instead i made a dps character, good one trion, let’s make everyone the same, while your at it; decide which of the 3 classes to get rid off and you’ll do just that. will be a game breaker. and wtf mage tanks? fuck off trion

    • Samuel Serafim

      They are finishing the lack gameplay for each class. I even could agree this is more for solve a problem than putting aditional stuff, but this is very necessary yet.

    • SC

      Rogues can already heal a ridiculous amount with the tactician/bard mix. In a 10-20 person group, they can easily outheal most (not all) wardens and sentinels.

      • http://riftnerd.com/ Cupcakes

        Any class that has AOE healing is going to outheal a Sentinel. Sentinel is single-target only. Tact/bard has trickle healing at all times, so when a group is not immediately topped up, the tact/bard is still healing.

        • Malcolm Swoboda

          Yeah I’m not super into class stuff, but isn’t Sentinel more about keeping the tank up, not the raid?

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      I’m not sure what you mean. Rogues can already heal many 5-mans if needed (Tactician/Bard). All this means is that a rogue can take up a more main-heal role in a raid instead of support heals/buffs.

      There is no ‘dps character’ in Rift, and there never was.

      -Warriors could tank and melee DPS. Warlord was originally meant to be more support but that messed up :P. Storm Legion soul was ranged DPS. New soul will be healing.

      -Clerics could tank, heal, ranged and melee DPS. I think Storm Legion soul was a weird form of healing. New soul will be finally a pure support soul, making Clerics still true ‘jack of all trades’.

      -Rogues could tank and ranged and melee DPS and support. Storm Legion soul brought more healing-related support (as opposed to buffs with Bard). New soul will be healing.

      -Mages could ranged DPS and support and heal. Storm Legion soul brought melee DPS. New soul will be tank.

      All this means is that in 3.0 in progression raiding, there is no excuse to not be a tank or healer if its absolutely required by the group that someone step up. Otherwise your game isn’t ruined – just insist on your DPSing.

      I’m not sure you understand Rift and how classes work… a tank warrior has totally different mechanics than a tank cleric or a tank rogue, for example. Mages will have their specialized mechanics and ‘better to use’ situations like any other class, as a tank.

      I was right with my predictions about 3.0 and my new predictions about 4.0 is that they return to ‘class roots’ and add a melee DPS or tank warrior, a cleric of any type (except support), a DPS or tank rogue, and a dps or healing mage. But that’s some time from now :)

  • Tony

    I’ve seen this referred to as an “expansion” and I’m not sure what that means in the new system.

    They’ve been saying they’d not gate any content in general… So I would assume that none of this would be gated behind a paywall too, although perhaps they’ll require us to buy the souls just like with Storm Legion. Too early to know, I guess.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      As far as they’ve indicted so far:
      -zones, dungeons, raids, questlines themselves will be free
      -the 4 new souls will cost money (who knows whether the SL souls will be discounted or made free or made free with purchase of the 3.0 souls)
      -new features to the game might include a certain ‘freeness’ to them, but enhanced with either plat-or-credit or credit-only purchases; like how we can have 3 profession slots but we can buy unlocks to get all 9 with credits, or buy new role/costume slots easily with credits or instead a lot of plat, etc

      So far don’t assume that 3.0 will cost money in itself, and that’s a good thing :)

  • Navaros

    To be perfectly honest, I am totally disgusted with what they are doing to the souls. My guild and I have been talking about this and it seems it’s going to make a lot of us less motivated to play the game. People pick their souls for specific purposes of being the ones who can specifically do those roles. With everyone being able to do all the roles, it totally takes the “RP” aspect out of the game. Yes, it will allow for more diversity in raid groups, but it seems “most” people, that I’ve spoken to, do not want everyone to be the same. Seems more like the old school Gauntlet video game. Different souls, but all do the same thing. May as well make a football game where all players have the same stats, playbooks, etc… The last thing I want is for someone be able to take 20 of one class and clear all the content.

    • Uiriamu

      I don’t see any problem about being able to play ever role, I think it’s a good feature.

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