Rift: Live Stream (F2P) Highlights.

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Earlier today (May 17th) Trion hosted a Live Stream with James (Elrar), Simon (Dead Simon) and Bill (Daglar). This isn’t going to be a long-winded post – though I want to highlight some of the information that I found note-worthy.


Regarding Patrons:

  • Patron is the new term for subscriber.
  • Patrons will get a discount (likely 10%) on credit items in the Rift Store.
  • Patrons will get XP boosts and Rep boosts.
  • If you have a long term subscription (3, 6, 12+ Months) – you’ll receive a certain amount of credits per month you have left on your subscription – this number was not revealed. Update: As per Elrar’s comment below – this is a one time stipend payout of credits.
  • Loyalty will be given to users based on how many months they have subscribed in the past and the future – the number that was given out on the Livestream was 7000 per month. Do not confuse Loyalty with Credits – as far as I know Loyalty is used to unlock some exclusive  rewards in the Rift Store. It will be earned (in the future) by spending Credits. They’re going to go over Loyalty in next week’s Live Stream.
  • Patrons have priority if there ever is a login queue.
  • If you purchased the Storm Chaser edition before launch if Storm Legion – you get $50 worth of Credits to use on the store.
  • You can summon a banker, guild banker, vendor, possibly AH, other random little services. All will have a Cooldown.


Regarding Items purchasable with Credits:

  • Expert level gear will be available for purchase at 2.3. 
  • Raid items are not available for purchase, however Daglar did make a point to say that “top tier items will never be available to buy”. I imagine that means when the next tier content is available that the tier 1 sets will be available for purchase.
  • You can purchase PvP gear as well, just not Rank 80 PVP gear. It does still require you to have the necessary rank, however.
  • You’ll be able to purchase mounts (including a new Icy Raptor), pets, etc. They are creating new ones exclusively for the Rift Store.
  • Dimension items and Dimensions themselves will be purchasable through the Rift Store. Some new Dimensions will be available only for players with the Loyalty to access them.
  • Fluff items from previous events will be purchasable.
  • Treasure Chests (lockboxes) are available to purchase that give you random gear. You apparently have a chance at getting a relic item out of the relic level lockbox, however it still is not as good as raid level epic gear.


Services / Game enhancements purchasable with Credits:

  • Sex Change
  • Race Change
  • Faction Change
  • 3, 15, 30 day Patron Passes
  • Transfiguration Bauble – Weapon Customization (1 time use, transform 1 weapon into the appearance of another – still unsure if you can go backwards and undo it). Same type of weapon to same type of weapon only. (2H -> 2H, etc).
  • Rune Unsocketing Aparatus – Used to remove Runes from gear and reuse them elsewhere.
  • Planar Essence Unsocketing Aparatus – used to remove Planar Essences from your Sigil to use elsehwere.
  • Bag Slots (2 more)
  • Wardrobe Slots (up to 20)
  • Role Slots (up to 20 total)


What is REX?

  • Stands for Rift Exchange
  • When used in game, it adds a (currently) unkown amounts of Credits to your account for use in the Rift Store.
  • Not bound – can be traded, sold on AH, etc. Yes, that means in a round about way Rift is now selling Plat with real money. Though it’s worth noting that this will essentially curb Rift plat selling websites and it is a generally very good move on Trions part. There’s been similar things in other games (P2P and F2P alike) and it’s up to the community to set the price of what these go for so it all works out in the wash.
  • For players who play a lot of Rift and have a lot of plat, you can buy a REX and get credits without having to spend a dime of real cash. For those of you who don’t have time to grind a ton of Plat in game, you can buy a REX and sell it on the AH for some extra plat for your raid consumables, soul repairs, etc.


Rift Storm Legion (Owning the Box going into F2P):

  • You get all character slots.
  • All 5 Bag Slots (vs 2)
  • All Bank Slots (vs 2)
  • All 6 Role Slots (vs 2)
  • Will not be available to purchase once F2P goes live – though you can still purchase it from Best Buy or whatever where may still have it in stock.


Other General Information:

  • Free mount (Icy Raptor) for people who purchased Storm Chaser or has 3,6,12 month active subscriptons.
  • More Macro Slots will be coming (need to be coming)
  • Currency has been multipled by 60-100. Infinity Stones, Frozen Eclipse stones, etc. So if 1 dropped previously, you now get 60. If you had 10 before patch 2.3 – you’ll have 60 when 2.3 hits (depending on what the multiplier is).
  • New Craftable Runes are going to be available.
  • Wardrobe Slots (up to 20 more – purchasable)
  • Bag Slots (2 More – purchasable)
  • Role Slots (20 – purchasable)
  • Open Raid Testing – here to stay and complete non-disputable per Daglars word.
  • 3.0 – New Souls. Currently playable internally. Speculation inc.
  • 14 Day Refund Period changed to 30 Days. So if you’ve made a large purchase in the last 30 days, you can request a refund if you desire.


So that is my compilation, I really apologize if I missed anything (or mis-interpreted anything). If there’s anything I missed please comment below.

Also – and most importantly – leave feedback on the changes in the comments below. Trion is very clearly listening to users feedback and today’s livestream proves that. I see them adding/modifying quite a bit of stuff to their F2P model based on the feedback they’ve received so far.

  • http://www.facebook.com/casey.jankowski1 Casey Jankowski

    Patrons get a monthly stipend of credits! That’s what really makes me want to keep my sub for at least a few months.

  • Krusmir

    Thanks for this, missed the stream, you guys rock!

  • http://twitter.com/MichMattRedding Matt Redding

    Dead Simon also said that they’re adding Twisted Artifacts to all of Storm Legion. They’ve created a new artifact collection that is the biggest yet. Some new achievements are going in including one for all the SL rares. It rewards the “best” cape in the game (then it sounded like he clarified it was the best LOOKING cape).

  • Krusmir

    Quote: “If you have a long term subscription (3, 6, 12+ Months) – you’ll receive a certain amount of credits per month you have left on your subscription – this number was not revealed.” End Quote.

    Does this means that the extra months we have on our account will be converted to credits, or if you are in a recurring 3,6,12+ Months you receive monthly credits?

  • http://twitter.com/Riftgame RIFT

    Hey guys – I just wanted to say, the Stipend is not monthly. This is a one time payout of both Loyalty & Credits based on how long you have been or ever were a subscriber in addition to remaining subscription time + Storm Chaser bonus credits if eligible. Thanks all and have a great weekend! – James “Elrar” Nichols, RIFT Community Manager

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      Thanks for the update.

    • http://rilgon.tumblr.com/ Rilgon Arcsinh

      This is a very, very silly decision and removes basically any incentive to be a Patron whatsoever.

  • Renuart

    But i can buy expansion souls with REX?…if i dont buy STORM?

    • Guest

      *Sorry for my english….^^

    • http://archive.riftscene.com/ Qube

      You should be able to, since the expansions souls are purchasable with credits and REX gives you credits.

      • Renuart


  • Lef

    ”Free mount (Icy Raptor) for people who purchased Storm Chaser or has 3,6,12 month active subscriptons”
    Are you sure the mount is also for ppl that have bought the storm chaser edition?I thought that with storm chaser we only gonna get 50$ of credits, and ppl that have addition 6,12 month plan will only take the new mount!
    Very excited for the twisted artifacts, think they said sth like the new artifacts sets or achiev will have nice rewards cause they heard the feedback from ppl wanting better rewards?

    • Tony

      Not sure why they wouldn’t get it — Storm Chaser edition required you to sub for 12 months at once. It fulfills both obligations.

  • sean

    there’s just not point in having a subscription after 2.3 launches, is there? Fast PA XP and Rep gain, but not at a rate fast enough to make subscription compelling over F2P, small discount on store items that’s only advantageous if you’re spending more than $150/month in the store, and some amount of currency towards the expanded Veteran’s Programme that the subscription already counted towards…

    Having a subscription that is valid and hasn’t lapsed ON June 12 looks a really good idea – but after that? Unless there’s a monthly stipend of store credits, the only point of subscribing is out of the goodness of my heart. I’ll note that when LOTRO went F2P it gave *both* a one-time payment to long-term subscribers, based upon the length of their subscription AND a monthly stipend. Trion are giving just the former, at the moment…

    • http://rilgon.tumblr.com/ Rilgon Arcsinh

      Pretty much, no. It’s baffling why they are so adamantly against a monthly stipend of credits when such a thing is an industry standard for free-to-play transitions.

      They really just need to lift The Secret World’s system wholesale.

      • Nickster

        As a lifetime subscriber to LOTRO I still get monthly stipend and I don’t even pay per month 😀

  • Anuerin

    so hang on a second if i get the rift chaser bundle 1year +SL +landslide i get $50 in the store and if i pre purchase SL infinty edition and carry on my sub like normal i get nothing?
    so how does that work the people who have the cash to drop on the storm chaser get even more stuff but the people like me who are on a tight budget and only got infinity edition as i wanted to support the game i play so much as much as i can get nothing that seems suitably screwed up
    hell i know a ton of people who will quit when the year sub runs out and i have a longer sub than them at the moment(just renewed £41 /cry)

    • badtouch

      You know what you bought infinity edition for, you got the brevanic portal generator, the freaky mount and the regulos companion. You got it, and noone takes it from you, so you still have your infinity edition. Also everyone who has storm legion has eternal access to 5 bags 6 character slots and storm legion souls, so it’s not “nothing”.

  • jeremy keelty

    how on earth will rift profit from this? id rather they limit at least some things to patron apart from boosts which i couldnt care less about, and make a bit more money. im going to feel so guilty playing f2p!

    • RoughRaptors

      Because instead of 50,000 – 100,000 people or whatever the tiny number of subs were paying $15 a month, there will now be around 40,000 people from that set (if not more) spending hundreds a month, not including thousands of new people who will also do the same.

  • Tony

    This monthly stipend thing seems to be the request that won’t die — I guess why would it? It’s nice and seemingly every competitor of note does it (LOTRO, SWTOR)… although I do feel the store prices in Rift seem to be better overall.

    I do feel it should be added, but you know — if you’re spending money I’m not sure if Trion cares if you’re a subscriber or not. You’re paying for priority in server queue (and apparently eventually dungeon and pvp queues), as well as the minor buffs and a discount in the store. If that’s not worth it, then you can spend your $15 or more some other way. It’s all the same in the end.

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