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RIFTScene should be back and stable – it’s all been moved to a shiny new server that can handle the load without an issue. Sorry if you’ve experienced slowness over the past week.

PLEASE comment on this post if you notice anything that isn’t quite right.

On another note – you’ve probably noticed that the news has been.. well.. non existent lately. I’ve been busy with real life doing other things  plus it’s just that time of the year – but I do make sure that the loot stays up to date and that the best in slot always has the latest loot and such. I am looking for people who’d like to contribute or folks who would be interested in writing daily news, pts updates, etc.

If that’s something you may be interested in doing – feel free to shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]. Huge bonus if you have blogging experience and double bonus awesome if you have WordPress experience.

That’s all for now, and hopefully you all have a wonderful holiday and an exciting New Year!

  • usedtolikethissite

    honestly I’ve stopped using this site and the reasons are that (in addition to no articles) there is not a loot table for i:dh and the bis lists still do not include marvelous augmented crafted items which have been in the game since mid-september.

    • Qube

      I worked really hard to get the augments and their corresponding values they add to crafted gear for the marvellous augments however after farming a lot of the info and comparing it to others, what I had was different.

      I was trying to work with Trion to see if they could provide me with how they calculate the augment values but it turns out it wasnt just a simple piece of info they could hand over to me.

      I haven’t completely abandoned adding them yet, I just need to get more data, it’s a very time consuming process.

      • scooba diver


  • Fs

    I really do love the site, but I’m a bit washed up with Rift at the moment.. I’m sure I’ll be back at some stage.. good luck with the site.

    • MissThisGameAndPeops

      Riftscene was where to be! and still is, i havent played in ages, and apart from the fact there arent any updates, its still a solid sight for builds and stats. i think with the fact Rift went to casual, only a few poeple are still playing, that like to min max, to many mmos out there, and people getting on with life i guess.

  • Ele

    Is the site still planning on being around? The last update was Christmas.

    • Qube

      I won’t be taking it down, just having issues finding writers. Such is the life cycle of Rift, it seems – the population likes to almost recycle itself yearly.

  • riftsceneandriftdead

    shit looks dead to me brah

    • Qube

      I’m keeping the loot and all of that fun stuff up to date (minus latest augments), but currently there is no one to post content unfortunately :(

      If you’re gonna troll, should at least do it from behind a proxy since I see your IP and can compare the IP range to previous comments and was able to pretty easily know who you were. Why you gotta hate ‘brah’?

      I’m in talks with a few people who want to produce content but unfortunately we need an editor who can actually ensure the content posted is quality, edited properly, formatted, etc. Hard to find an experienced blogger who also plays Rift :)

      • MissTheQubey

        couldnt remmeber we log in thin, so went with guest, what u have done and still are doing is great for rift, its one of the better sites otu there, its just dying as a game, not as many people still into it it seems. sucks, but it had its time. and we all loved it.

  • Fijarebirth

    Still looking for writers and contributors :o?

  • Aroyq

    Disqus doesn’t work on any of the items pages, here on the news it works oddly enough.

    Would be nice to read comments where stuff drops.

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