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Updating the stat weight/best in slot calculators.


Just a quick little update for those who still visit RiftScene: I updated all pre-existing classes and specs for the proper stats and added the earring slot.

I’m going to be adding Mage tanking and Rogue/Warrior healing over the next day or so, hopefully. Figured I would throw a note here quickly for anyone who still uses the stat weight calculators.

Keep in mind: The preset stat weights are garbage and incorrect. I’d suggest you use your own or take some from the spreadsheets that users have made on the Rift forums. I’ll work on adding some general guideline-type ones once I’ve finished updating the classes. 


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November 15th Trion Livestream Time Change

Due to the amount of activity on tomorrow caused by the PS4 launch, the Rift Livestream has been moved to 11:30 AM PST instead of the originally scheduled 1:30 PM. So if you’re planning on tuning in to see the results of the Dress The Night Away contest (who’s excited? I’m excited) or just to see what Trion has up their sleeve this week, make sure you show up at 11:30 AM instead of the regular time.…

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RIFT 2.4: Hotfix #8 10/25/13 @ 10AM PDT || 10/24 EU @ 1AM GMT
RIFT 2.4: Hotfix #8 10/25/13

* New Raid Rings are available in the RIFT Store for both Empyreal Slayers Marks and Credits.
* Exceptionally Pumpkin Dye is now available under the World Event category!
* Swimsuits are now under the Premium category in the store so that they’re easier to find.
* The new lockbox, Regulos’s Trove, is available between now and November 1st! Open it for a chance at the black squirrel mount or Tier 1 raid accessories!


* Breaker X-1
– The fight no longer hangs if the Breaker’s main target uses a portal during the Breakdown phases.
* Planebreaker Abominus
– The platforms of the Overseer Council will more reliably teleport players to the current active platform if they resurrect upon them.
– Graviton Bomb: No longer kills pets or damages adds.
– Obliteration Cannon: No longer channeled shortly after a Graviton Bomb has been activated.
– Nutronic Blast: Now fires more randomly at targets, and no longer does critical damage.

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RIFT 2.4 Hot Fix #3 – 9/26 @ 10.00AM PDT || 9/27 EU @ 1AM GMT
RIFT 2.4: Hotfix #3 9/26/13

* Fixed an issue with incorrect character stats after consuming an equipped item.
* Returned Flaring Charge to tier 3 of the Attunement of Fire.
* Returned Flowing Charge to tier 3 of the Attunement of Water.

* We continue to optimize the store to help people experiencing slowness or crashes while browsing crafting recipes.

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New Glorified Torvan Greater Essence Upgrades for 2.4

If you’ve had a hard time procuring one of the epic Level 60 greater essences for the Torvan Venerated essences, you’re in luck! There are new upgrade paths for the Glorified  Torvan lesser essences to turn them into greater essences. They will use the rare level 60 greater essences along with a Lycini Plane Bender to upgrade into a relic Greater Essence!

So while the stats are slightly lower than the Venerated versions, if you’ve been wanting a greater essence proc with stats, you’ll now have your chance! Perfect if you wanted to get some for an alt or even your main.…

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