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Rift 3.0 Souls Leaked and Abilities Detailed.

I’m just going to start this off by saying that it’s very possible, since it’s pre-released leaked information, that any and all abilities may not be present or will be completely different come when we see them on live. So keeping that in mind: There was an interesting leak of information over the weekend that some users spotted over on Magelo – and they were the new Souls that we’re expecting to see come 3.0. Magelo has since taken them down, but a user on our forums (Kido) was kind enough to provide us with some Imgur links detailing the abilities.

Again, keep in mind – extremely subject (and likely) to change by the time we see any of this on live. I was able to verify that (at this time, anyway) these are all legit abilities and soul names. For the final time, I will stress, that a lot of what you see is likely (read: going) to change.



Healing Warrior


    Healing Rogue



      Tanking Mage


        Support Cleric


          Would like to thank Kido from our forums for pointing me out to the images, and would also like to thank Primalthirst who provided the screenshots in the first place.…

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