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Fae Yule Bonuses From Dec. 24th to Jan 1st!

Starting December 24th and lasting until January 1st 2013, Fae Yule Bonuses for current subscribers will be in effect to celebrate Fae Yule! The following will have a 20% bonus attached to them so take advantage before it’s over:

  • Guild XP
  • Planar Attunement XP
  • XP from kills
  • Prestige from PvP kills
  • Chance for plaques/marks
  • Favor
  • Planarite
  • Zone Event currencies

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A Guide to  Fae Yule 2012

It’s almost that time of the year where TBS plays “A Christmas Story” 24 hours a day and you wake up wishing you were a kid again with presents under the Christmas tree from Santa. Except this is Rift! Fae Yule is back for it’s second year and is better than ever! Back are the Humbugs, our Bogling Santa Overlord, snow, toboggans and more. Currently, you can experience this event on the PTS. If you haven’t setup the Rift PTS yet, check out our guide!…

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Special Fae Yule Gifts Promotion

Right now Rift is celebrating the Holiday in style by offering up some awesome new Fae Yule gifts that you can earn now through December 31st. For more information on this promotion, you can check out the Special Fae Yule Gifts! page that they have set up.

I’m not really into the Dimensions yet as I’ve been too busy farming Infinity Stones, Torvan/Lycini rep but the Fae Yule Gift Pile item is incredibly awesome and adorable. It will go perfect with the upcoming Fae Yule Dimension Vendor items that we’ll be seeing this Wednesday, December 12th! You can see a preview of it scaled to the max size in my screenshot above.

Happy Holidays! Receive a Winter Cape in honor of Fae Yule – simply purchase any Storm Legion™ package* before the end of the year and invite a friend to join you in RIFT through the Ascend-a-Friend Program. If your friend purchases Storm Legion before December 31, you both receive the festive holiday present.

Invite a friend to purchase Storm Legion before the end of the month and you’ll BOTH receive this special gift.…

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2.1 Endless Eclipse — Coming December 12th!

It’s only been three weeks since Storm Legion was launched and the hardworking Trion employees haven’t stopped just yet! Coming next week on December 12th, we will have 2.1: Endless Eclipse. This new update will bring another new 20 man raid where we’ll be fighting against the evils within the Plane of Death… right down to coming face-to-face with Regulos! The new 20 man is not all everyone has to look forward to. We’ll also be seeing a new Chronicle: A Hero Rises as well as the popular festive event from last year making a return! Fae Yule is back and so is Grandfather Frost and all of the Fae.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be enough in this game, Trion are proving that they’ll stop at nothing to ensure that their loyal community is kept busy every week of the year. Although the only thing that’s left people to wonder is if they’re going to be including the Dendrome with this update. Unfortunately, nothing is listed on Endless Eclipse‘s key feature page about is so we might not see this awesome zone just yet.…

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